World’s Most Interesting and Strange Cities

Centralia, Pennsylvania

A fire that began in 1962 never extinguished for 50 years. Many people migrated to other cities and countries in 1980.

Colma, California

The city with the most dead population. There are about 2 million tombs and more than one religious tomb. There are also animals in the cemetery.

Manshiet Nasser, Egypt

This city collects all of Cairo’s garbage. We all know that 6000 people in the city and they earn money from this garbage.

Pompeii, Italy

The destruction of the city of Pompei according to scientists is a natural disaster. Some also think prostitution, gambling, quarrels, rape of children, and various immorality in the city are the cause of the catastrophe.

Procida, Italy

The Italian island of Procida is unique. It is one of the oldest holiday destinations in the world. The main symbol of the miniature islets is the set of beautiful houses of all shades of the rainbow. This view of the island, which can be seen on postcards and souvenirs, unlike the water surface and the fascinating blue sky, the bright houses are marvelous.

Sheffield, Australia

In the 1980s, people wanted to establish a tourist federation in order to ensure the coming of tourists. They did this by drawing pictures on most of the walls in the city. Since 2003, a regular wall painting festival has been organized in the city. Although the population is less than 1000, 200 – 250 thousand tourists come to this festival every year. Art has been given importance in the city.

Slab City, California

In the city of Salton, which is in the southern part of the state of California, there is no law in the city that was established after World War II. If you’re on your way to the city, you’ll understand the huge structure of Salvation Mountain made by the American visual artist Leonardo Knight. Another interesting fact is that there is no clean water network.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

The Indians are very proud of their traditions. In Morocco, at the foot of the Reef Mountains, a magnificent city of Chefchaouen. The walls are traditionally painted in blue colors. People escaped the Spanish Inquisition and set up a small settlement in the mountains. Despite the fact that the first tenants had already abandoned their ancient stone houses, the tradition of painting the walls with blue colors remained.

Seven Giants Cliffs Siberia, Russia

The Northern Urals is located in the middle of Siberia. According to legend, these rockets were the real giant soldiers who froze to death while running away. The height of the rocks is 30-40 meters.

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