A vibrant community

Founded in Berlin in 2012 and recently based in Barcelona, our platform serves as a catalyst for growth and innovation in the technology industry.

We pride ourselves on fostering a vibrant community of tech leaders, industry experts, and forward-thinking professionals. By focusing on collaboration, continuous learning, and creating meaningful connections, we empower both growth-stage tech startups and established businesses.

Through a combination of exclusive experiences, networking, and strategic partnerships, we aim to provide the essential resources and opportunities for our members to thrive in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.


We are dedicated to helping tech leaders gain irreplaceable knowledge, discover the latest trends, and become the premier networking hub in southern Europe. The mission is centered around providing opportunities for growth and fostering valuable connections among its members.


We envision creating a thriving, community-driven ecosystem that fosters collaboration, innovation, and support among tech leaders and entrepreneurs, positioning itself as the ultimate resource for those seeking success in southern Europe and beyond.


Core Values - DNA


We embrace inclusivity and celebrate differences, recognizing that diverse perspectives drive innovation and growth. Our commitment to fostering an enriching environment allows us to better serve clients and partners, adapt to a constantly changing global landscape, and stay ahead of the curve.


We foster meaningful connections that enable collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the creation of new opportunities. By bringing together like-minded individuals and organizations, we help our clients expand their networks, access valuable resources, and unlock their full potential for growth and success.


We get things done. Our results-driven culture prioritizes implementation, engagement, and progress. We focus on delivering tangible outcomes and continuously improving our strategies to ensure that we meet our clients’ evolving needs. By actively engaging with our clients and partners, we create an environment where collaboration leads to success and positive impact.



Mario Paladini’s story is one of global exploration and community building. His early years took him from Argentina to the USA and later on to Germany, where he experienced firsthand the challenges of living abroad. These experiences were crucial, shaping his understanding of the needs of internationals in new countries.

Before founding Club GLOBALS, Mario was an active member of Internations and even established an e-Rotary Club in Berlin. These experiences were instrumental in shaping his vision for a new kind of community. In 2012, he leveraged this wealth of experience to found Club GLOBALS.

Motivated by how important technology is for our future, we’ve shifted our focus to building connections among tech leaders. We aim to be the primary resource for those seeking success in southern Europe and further.

We’ve set up our main office in Barcelona while our roots remain in Berlin and we’re committed to accelerating our members’ growth by acting as a bridge between cities. We achieve this by tapping into our reliable network and offering a diverse range of services and exclusive benefits.

Mario’s passion for Club GLOBALS is so profound that he has adopted a unique symbol of his commitment: a collection of lensless glasses in various colors, each representing a milestone in the growth of the organization.

Like the colored belt rank system used in karate, each color signifies a new chapter in the Club GLOBALS story. Currently, his green glasses represent his ongoing mission for sustainable growth. The major milestone is set to expand Club GLOBALS into a complete global network, connecting major cities across all continents.

Club GLOBALS stands as a community that transcends borders, bringing together diverse individuals to collaborate, share, and grow together. The goal is clear – to make Club GLOBALS a worldwide network that fosters innovation, connection, and support for internationals everywhere.

As we continue to evolve, we hold a firm belief in a brighter future, one where mutual support and common aspirations are not just ideals, but realities. We are dedicated to pursuing this vision and committed to creating a more interconnected and supportive world for everyone.


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