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Our mission is to help our members settle into a new city with minimal fuss. We provide an online platform where our members can search and contact local businesses — “Solutioners” — who can provide products, services, and special offers across a wide spectrum of categories.

Customize your plan at Club GLOBALS


Reach your target audience through our influential media platform for internationals.

We have wide experience in planning and optimizing memorable, tailored campaigns that resonate with our community and deliver results for our partners.










You can customize your campaign to reach your target audience. Select your preferred services to build up the best combination for your business.

Editable SEO Optimized Profile

Be easier to find in search engines like Google by optimizing your online business listing. You will also have the ability to make changes to your SEO profile so that your information is up to date, including our verified seal for better trust. 

Add Photos and Videos

Add Photos and videos to give a face to your brand. When individuals get to visualize the services you offer, they are more likely to choose you!

Categories and Locations

Appear in our categories and locations. These tell members what type of service you offer (cleaning, child care, etc.) and where you offer these services.

Get Notifications 

Stay in the loop with GLOBALS notifications. We’ll keep you up to speed with events, new services, deals, and more! 

Collect Leads

We will help you target and generate quality leads for your products or services.

AiRelo Partners Recomendations with notebook

Lead Generation Chatbot

We developed a conversational assistant, AiRelo, that supports newcomers to get their address registration form just by chatting with our bot in multiple languages in less than 10 minutes and for free.

What’s more, we connect our members with local services providers, called Solutioners, to help settle down, in addition to recommending local events.

Gold Solutioners appear first, Silver Solutioners appear in the middle, and Bronze Solutioners appear last when we recommend services through AiRelo.

Featured in our One Newsletter

Be in one of our newsletters to reach our many loyal subscribers by including a banner or native article. 

See an example here.

Ask for a dedicated email with targeting based on geography, titles, companies.

Partners Solutions Featured on Newsletter Club GLOBALS
Partners Solutions Featured at Social Media Club GLOBALS

Social Media Exposure

Reach our thousands of GLOBALS social media followers by being featured in multiple 3 Tweets and one Facebook posts.

Furthermore, ask for Linkedin and Instagram campaigns.

Featured at GLOBALS TV

Have a place on our YouTube channel! This is a great way to create video content that delivers high levels of engagement for your business and most importantly spread the word of your services.

Partners Solutions Featured at GLOBALS TV Video Content Marketing Club GLOBALS
Partners Solutions - Featured at GLOBALS Podcast

Featured at GLOBALS Podcast

Get advertised on our Podcast channels! (Soundcloud, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Overcast, Stitcher)  This is a great way to create audio content that delivers high levels of engagement for your business and spread the word of your services while people.

Topics: Set up your life, housing, jobs, mobility, relocation, innovation, tech, and lifestyle.

Advertize in our Berlin Online Guide

Include your banner (1/6 page, half, and full page) or native article in our editorial Berlin Guide, with a direct message to our most loyal readers rates in an editorial setting.

Topics: First steps on relocation and bureaucracy, Transport and mobility, Food, Bars and Nightlife, Entertainment, Events, Innovation Ecosystem, housing, jobs, and lifestyle.

Partners Solutions Berlin Online Guide Club GLOBALS
Partners Solutions Pitch at Events Club GLOBALS copy

Pitch at Events

Have the opportunity to pitch your business or an idea at one of our upcoming events. Increase awareness and recognition, together with acquiring new customers and fans. 


Webinars enable your brand as a thought leader, by sharing your knowledge and experience with our international community. 

We provide the platform, recording, reports, co-host, of an agreed topic. As a result, we recommend integrating into a newsletter invitation and social media campaign.

Partners Solutions Webinar Club GLOBALS.png
Partners Solutions Co-host Events Online and offline Club GLOBALS.png


You could co-host an event with GLOBALS! A fun and collaboration opportunity to put your name and topic on an event and inform our community on your services.


Let us be your matchmaker! We will regularly get your business in touch with another business of your choosing.

Partners Solutions Business Referrals Club GLOBALS.png
GLOBALS is trusted by hundreds of partners and companies worldwide
Burkhard Volbracht - Berlin Partner - Testimonial for Club GLOBALS Grey

The Berlin brand attracts talent worldwide like a magnet. The BerlinWelcomeDay helps to make this brand more visible and is at the same time a small thank-you to the Neuberliners*. This is how immigration can be successful.

Berlin Partner
- Burkhard Volbracht - Head of Unit Talent Services


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