Co-working spaces boost the innovations of SMES.

co-working spaces boost innovations globals

What is it, that drives innovation? Nowadays innovations are not only the engines of our economy - they are more than necessary in order to succeed in the western market competition. This is why we must ask ourselves the following question more intensively: What is it, that drives innovation? Therefore...

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Barcelona International Community Day 2016

The Barcelona International Community Day by Barcelona Activa is an event that brings together, in one day, all the information and services offered by the Barcelona City Council and the private sector for the international community. We were there as supporter community and media partner. We had an amazing time...

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Welcome to Berlin! Introductory tour by Berlin Partner 2016


Welcome to Berlin! We are glad that you have chosen Berlin! Are you excited to get to know the city and new people but you do not know where to start? Maybe do you need a little help with it? Berlin Partner provides great welcome tours that will extend beyond...

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Behind the Scene – Isabella Torrealba (Marketing)

Behind the Scene -  Isabella Torrealba (Marketing)

  Hi Everyone!  My name is Isabella, my hometown is Caracas, Venezuela, and my current home is Berlin, since 2013, so I am already an official expat for 2 years. I know how it feels to be new in a city, so please don’t hesitate to ask me whatever...

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