GLOBALS Homes and the BIM: A World of Real Estate Opportunities

On 12-13 September, the Berliner Immobilien Messe (BIM) was organized in the renowned Charlottenburg Palace in West Berlin. This fair takes place on a yearly basis and provides real estate market insights to those who are interested in purchasing property or a piece of land as an investment or for private use. 

GLOBALS Homes was there too. Even under strict COVID-19 measures, our team still enjoyed the ambience and shared some nice ideas with the exhibitors and speakers. Mario Paladini, founder and CEO of Club GLOBALS, had the honour of interviewing Dr. Florian Forster, who is the founder and organizer of the Berlin Immobilien Messe. Watch the video interview below made by GLOBALS TV:

Our aim was to get to know the real estate players and the current circumstances in which the real estate market finds itself, notably since the pandemic took its toll. It turns out that, although a multitude of projects in Berlin have already been completed, the outlook for the construction of real estate properties in Berlin’s central locations is getting tighter.
These findings corroborate the viewpoints shared during GLOBALS Homes’ previous event on “The Future of Housing and Living 4th Ed.” which took place in August 2020. However, Berlin remains a hotspot for real estate projects, especially in East Berlin, given the recent announcements Elon Musk gave on the soon-to-come Giga Tesla factory. Check out our blog for more on this topic.

GLOBALS Homes, a platform which provides homes to buy, rent and rent furnished in Berlin and Barcelona, is continuously looking to improve its product offering by seeking out potential partnerships with key actors at events such as BIM. Stay tuned for upcoming real estate fairs!


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