Berlin is a city full of culture, museums, food, and drinks, but where should you go when you want to escape the heat? Where are the best lakes and the best swimming pools? Don’t worry, we’ll show you! Not every lake mentioned is technically in Berlin, however, they are easy to reach by train. Overall, they’re all worth a visit! So read the information about these beautiful places, to get more of an idea about where to go!


Wannsee is a lake, located south-west of Steglitz. It is one of Europe’s largest swimming areas on inland waters, and it is about 20-25 km from Berlin! Furthermore, it is one of the most popular lakes near Berlin, as it is the perfect place to escape to on a hot day. There are possibilities to sunbathe at the beach, swim in the lake and even to go on a boat cruise. After you hang out at the beach there are nice bars and restaurants to end the day properly.


Müggelsee is a lake in the south-east of Berlin. It is the biggest lake located in the city. There are plenty of possibilities to have a fun time there. Of course, you can swim in the Müggelsee, but also a lot of water sports are on offer here. These possibilities include renting a canoe, boat or jet ski.

Badeschiff an der Arena

The Badeschiff an der Arena is a swimming pool in the Spree. The Spree is the river in the middle of Berlin, and it has even a swimming pool in it! It is a unique location with a unique idea. The location offers the swimming pool, accompanied by a bar area. The location is perfect for festivals or for other events. So if you are heating up in the middle of Berlin, take a dive at this cool swimming pool!


Schlachtensee is also a lake located in the south west of Berlin. It is not the largest lake in Europe or Berlin, but it is the cleanest lake in Berlin! Which makes it the perfect lake for a swim, or to rent a boat. This is possible at the south of the lake. The lake is also a very popular destination for fishing, which may sound surprising! In addition to this, the lake has a 7 km boardwalk, making it the perfect spot for long summer walks or for jogging.

Tegeler See

This lake is also in the west of the city and is the second largest lake in Berlin. It is an ideal place for a swim, to rent a boat or other watersports. On top of this, it is also a very nice place to take long evening walks in the summer, if you don’t fancy a dip. Also when you walk by the lake you can’t miss the 900-year-old oak tree, Fat Marie! The lake also has 7 islands, that you can visit!

Krumme Lanke

The south-west is very popular for its’ many lakes. Krumme Lanke is also located here, not too far from Schlachtensee. The lake is particularly popular with joggers. There is a circuit around the entire lake, making it the perfect location for long runs and nice evening walks. It’s also worth mentioning, that the lake has a designated area for nudists. So skinny dipping is no problem!


This lake is located near Tegel airport, which differentiates it from all the other lakes. So if you want to sunbathe on a hot day, this place is ideal to enjoy the sun whilst also spotting some airplanes. There are plenty of airplanes landing and taking off each day, so if it is a sunny day you can enjoy the beach, as well as the airplanes. However, the special thing about Flughafensee is that there are also spots where you only hear the birds singing and not hear even the faintest sound of airplanes. Lastly, the lake is free from ships and boats, making it the perfect lake to swim in.

The Plötzensee

The Plötzensee is not the largest lakes in Berlin, but definitely not one to neglect. The name comes from the prison, located nearby. The lake is situated in Wedding and during the summer is a go-to place for the locals. There are many activities to do, like playing sports, sunbathing and renting a boat. But keep in mind, when the weather is nice, it can be very busy.


This lake is mostly a lake visited by locals, as not many people know about it. As a result, you won’t come across a lot of international people or tourists here. Important to know is that you have to bring your own drinks and food because unlike the other lakes, there are no shops or cafes located nearby. Habermannsee is a nice lake to meet local people, get involved in watersports and to simply enjoy the green landscape.

Sacrower See

At the other side of  Wannsee, there is Sacrower See. Sacrower See is less popular than Wannsee but offers actually all the perfect ingredients for a nice beach day. The water of the lake is the best quality of all lakes around and in Berlin and also has a quiet beach. At the beach, there is also a restaurant with a Biergarten. So if you want to enjoy a refreshing beer whilst soaking up the sun, you can chill out in the Biergarten and then swim as you wish.

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