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Many people ask me: Mario, Do you have lenses in your ‘glasses’? Nope… Hmmm…Why?

Well… I’ve decided to share the story behind them. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward for your comments…

One night after a 3D movie, I promised my team to keep the black frames of the 3D Glasses, the ‘Glasses’ as long as our Alpha website was online.

First reason… FOCUS

I thought… as an Entrepreneur you are always full of ideas about how to make the world a better place, which is all well and good, but you need to FOCUS to make things happen. That’s why, having a frame in front of your eyes is very helpful for reminding you of your milestones!

Second reason… SUPPORT

When you are committed to something and you share it with other people, it’s amazing how helpful people become and support you in anyway they can. Thanks so much!

Third reason…FASHION?

Hipster… or Tipster? Well, actually there was a trend of wearing big glasses that actually aligned very well with my first reason. 😉

Fourth reason… ICE BREAKER

It’s incredible, when you have something original, like ‘Glasses’, a flower, a pin… whatever! It encourages people to start a conversation with you and ask you what are you doing. #Selfie


At last, people remember the story and easily recognize you (Hopefully for good reasons and not the crazy/funny guy with the ‘Glasses’)


Sharing GLOBALS Vision with Celebrities, Politicians, Ambassadors, CEO’s, Journalist…

Alpha website is done and now?

After a couple of weeks of wearing the black ‘Glasses’ everyday, the Alpha website was completed, we celebrated and I took them off.

And then? White ‘Glasses’?

Actually, the story of the ‘Glasses’ really helped me to accomplish that milestone so I decided to continue, but I decided to change the color in line with my next challenge.

I started using the White ‘Glasses’ until we discovered our first paying customer. More days passed and we were honored to have Deutsche Bank on board as a paying customer too.

After white?…. Red!

The next milestone was to get an investor who would share our GLOBALS Vision and passion for making international life easier for expats.

Currently… Orange

With the World Cup going on, I’m becoming very popular with the Netherlands fans! I now have the goal to reach 6 Digits.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of the ‘Glasses’

And you, What is your GLOBALS Vision?

Mario 8) (Smiling with ‘Glasses’)

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