5 Series that Entrepreneurs Enjoy Watching

The most important thing for entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates is time. Therefore, they choose books, films, and series that will add a lot to them in a short time. As such, we have prepared a series of lists for entrepreneurs with little time.  🙂

1- Halt and Catch Fire

The series is set in the 1980s personal computer revolution and in the early 1990s when technology was advancing rapidly. The name of the series also comes from a computer command Halt and Catch Fire. When you give this command to the computer, the computer is forced to perform the operation and the control cannot be recovered. IBM, Apple, and other companies are often mentioned, and even IBM is directly involved in this series.

2-Silicon Valley

This series tells the story of an engineer who turned his house into a small incubator center. It is a great series for those who want to get to know the culture of entrepreneurship!

3-How Make It In America

Ben and Cameron lives in New York and tries to establish a fashion company in the world`s largest city. In this series, you will be able to witness many realistic experiences. The series, which was remarkable with the fact that it was an HBO production, ended in the second season.

4-Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a series that interprets the problems of modern society and individual in this society, the implications of new technologies, and the use of politics, media, and art in the present world order by using satirical elements as well as science fiction. Nowadays, it attracts great interests all over the world. Understanding the technologies of the future is a blessing for an entrepreneur who wants to capture opportunities

5-Girlboss (Book)

The series is shaped around the story of Amoruso, who made her own venture selling vintage outfits on eBay and succeeded at transforming the Nasty Gal brand into a million dollar fashion empire when she was 27 years old. The original series of Netflix Girlboss, consists of half-hour chapters.

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What is your favorite series related to entrepreneurship? 🙂

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