Startup OLÉ Miami Wraps Up with Resounding Success and Promising Prospects

The inaugural edition of Startup OLÉ in Miami has successfully positioned itself as a premier Spanish event, celebrating the fusion of entrepreneurship and technological innovation. Held on April 15th at Mana Tech and April 16th at the United States Latin Chamber of Commerce (CAMACOL), the event garnered the attention and participation of a vibrant community.

Event highlights

  • Engagement: Over 550 attendees, including more than 110 speakers and 76 startups and scaleups.
  • Winning Pitch: Depencare emerged as the winner of the pitch competition, with Mujer Financiera and Calpech following in second and third place respectively.
  • Expert Panels: Discussions spanned investment, co-investment, new technologies, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and sustainability.
  • Networking and Culture: Matchmaking, networking activities, and cultural experiences provided a holistic experience for all participants.

CIBER-SHUBE Project Spotlight

Startup OLÉ Miami also marked a significant phase in the CIBER-SHUBE project, under the auspices of the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) and funded by the European Union’s Next Generation EU fund. The event facilitated discussions on cybersecurity innovations, fostering a bridge between Spanish initiatives and the global market.


Looking Forward

The success in Miami paves the way for further international opportunities, including the upcoming Startup OLÉ Salamanca from October 8-10. Attendees of the Miami event have been granted a direct pass to this next pitch competition, promising another exciting gathering of minds and ideas.

We congratulate all participants and supporters of Startup OLÉ Miami ’24 for their outstanding achievements and look forward to continued success in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation across global platforms.

For more details on the unfolding opportunities and future events, please visit Startup OLÉ Miami.


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