Europe's most innovative HR management fair

Zukunft Personal is considered Europe’s largest HR Management fair. This year took place from the 19th until the 21st of September in Cologne, Germany.

We brought there AiRelo to meet with worldwide HR leaders, decision-makers, and managers and to discuss how the future of HR is changing towards new technologies.

AI Bots are up to date, every time more SME and larger corporations are using them to improve their products and services. AI Bots help industries to smartly save time.

From AiRelo, we believe there is still space to improve the way bureaucracy works by reinventing the city registration process.

With its multi-language, multi-city and powered by AI; AiRelo does not only improve the hassle of administration, also engage citizens to help people arrive at their city and feel at home.


We could learn a lot from the best HR leaders, and get a lot of inspiration to continue working for making AiRelo even better!

Have a look to some of our streaming videos we recorded there! Enjoy them 😉

Interview with Director of Talents Solutions Linkedin DACH

Boat party #ZP17

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