AiRelo at Future of work of Zukunft Personal Europe 2018


Zukunft Personal returned this year from 11th-13th September 2018 in Cologne, Germany – Europe’s largest HR Management fair. GLOBAL’s team was proud to participate for the second time and introduce AiRelo in the “Startup Village”, a hub destinated especially for startups with digital solutions for companies.

Over the course of the three days, the focus was on innovative ideas and networking in the HR community with a spectrum of topics ranging from recruiting and personnel services to company training, leadership and employment law to personal software and the future of the working world.

Our team had the opportunity to demo AiRelo to worldwide HR leaders, decision-makers, and managers and to discuss how the future of HR is changing towards new technologies.

The next goal is to improve our technology to new users and help with all procedures of Onboarding employees, aiming to minimize the HR time-consuming process of dealing with relocation service providers or doing all the work by themselves. The future of work is all about technology and we’re on the right path!

Check out below our awesome interviews with colleagues from the startup scene, and impressions of HR leaders about the event!

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Impressions of the Zukunft Personal Europe 2018

Robindro and Manuela, HR Lifestyle Magazine

Stefan Scheller, HR Marketing Specialist

Jan-Eric Feldhaus, Sr. Marketing, @Monster

Sara, Country Manager, @tcp

Tobias Eppler, CBO, @HeyJobs

Anna Herzog, Head of Sales, @truffls

Mo Moubarak, Business Development, @MoBerries

Anna Kaiser, Founder and CEO, @Tandemploy

Matthias Wolf, COO@Co-Founder, @firstbird

Annika Pies, Customer Consultant, @TALENTS

Sven Elhardt, Account Executive, @recruitee

Wiebke Jonas, Project Manager, @compliant mobility

Aram Azimi, Project Development, @addon

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