MWC & 4YFN was It Worth to Attend? All the Insights of the biggest tech event of Europe

Having attended MWC (Mobile World Congress) and 4YFN (4 Years From Now) multiple times, the 2024 edition in Barcelona marked another significant milestone. This year, the event attracted over 101,000 attendees from 205 countries, showcasing its global appeal and importance. Spread across 8 halls, the conference featured approximately 1,100 speakers and 2,700 exhibitors, further cementing its status as a pivotal gathering for the tech and startup communities. These events have evolved into much more than platforms for the latest in mobile technology; they have become reference points for innovation, networking, and the exchange of ideas across the entire tech spectrum.

The transformation of MWC and 4YFN in recent years reached its zenith in the 2024 edition, where the expansion of focus from merely mobile phones to a broad spectrum of products and technologies was unmistakably evident. This shift underscores the pivotal role of connectivity in the digital age, transcending traditional boundaries to become a cornerstone of diverse sectors such as IoT, smart cities, health tech, fintech, and more. The growing acknowledgment of connectivity’s integral role in our lives and businesses is driving efficiencies, enabling new services, and unlocking unparalleled opportunities for growth and innovation. The 2024 conferences provided a vivid portrayal of this expanded perspective, offering a window into a future where the potential of technology is boundless, and connectivity is the linchpin of progress.

The MWC 2024 was a showcase of cutting-edge developments across various domains, including AI & Cloud, Big Tech, Devices, and Network Tech. A highlight was the latest advancements in 5G technologies, underscored by GSMA’s announcement that 261 operators in 101 countries have now launched commercial 5G services. This marks a significant milestone in the global adoption of 5G, promising faster speeds, lower latency, and the capacity to connect more devices simultaneously, thereby enabling a new era of smart, connected solutions across industries.

Among the myriad of innovations, two projects stood out for their potential to address critical global challenges. Mica AI Medical presented its work on early detection in mammography, a breakthrough that could revolutionize breast cancer screening by improving accuracy and early detection rates, potentially saving countless lives. Ocean Ecostructures showcased their focus on marine biodiversity regeneration, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable solutions to protect and restore our oceans. These projects exemplify the conference’s broader theme of leveraging technology for societal benefit, illustrating how connectivity and advanced technologies can be harnessed to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our world today.

Watch the video to see a sneak peak of some innovations available:

The 4YFN event, celebrating its 10th anniversary, was especially geared towards startups, offering them a platform to connect with investors, C-level executives, and peers to propel their world-changing ideas. This year, the event expanded its scope by increasing the number of halls, stages, speakers, and programs, with themes including Growth, The Age of AI, and Startup Funding, thereby multiplying opportunities for introductions, insights, and investments​​.

Featured Speakers and Talks

The MWC Barcelona 2024 featured an impressive lineup of keynote speakers from diverse sectors within the tech industry. Notable figures included Julie Sweet, Chair & CEO of Accenture, Michael Dell, Chairman & CEO of Dell Technologies, and Demis Hassabis, Co-Founder & CEO of Google DeepMind, among others. These speakers brought invaluable insights into the future of technology, innovation, and business strategies


The innovations showcased at MWC 2024, particularly in the realms of AI and wearable technology, underscore a future where our interaction with digital devices becomes more integrated and intuitive. The highlighted advancements, from smart glasses to AI-driven smartphones, reflect a trend towards creating more seamless user experiences, merging the physical and digital worlds in ways that enhance daily life

The GLOMO awards

The Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards, recognized as the connectivity industry’s most prestigious accolade, announced their shortlist as part of the MWC24 Preview Unwrapped by Mobile World Live. Being shortlisted signifies recognition as a significant contender within the tech sector, watched closely by industry peers. Winning a GLOMO award is considered an outstanding achievement, representing the highest merit awarded by peers across the industry

The GLOMO Awards recognized outstanding achievements across several categories such as Mobile Tech, Digital Everything, Devices, and Tech4Good, highlighting key innovations and contributions in the mobile and digital technology sectors such as:

  • Mobile Tech: winner of the Best Network Software Breaktrough – Huawei for RAN Digital Twin System Enables RAN Intelligence
  • Digital Everything: winner of the Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Health and Wellbeing – Hyodol for AI Elderly Care Platform
  • Devices: winner of the Best in Show – PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR
  • Tech4Good: winner of the Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action – Fairphone for Fairphone 5

Congratulations to all the winners of the GLOMO Awards at MWC Barcelona 2024! Your innovative contributions to mobile and digital technology have set new benchmarks in the industry and are truly deserving of recognition.


Highlights of 4YFN

The 4YFN event at MWC Barcelona shone a spotlight on the vibrant startup ecosystem, with notable achievements including’s blockchain innovation and Civocracy’s civic engagement platform. The discussions extended to transforming education with digital technologies, highlighted by MIT’s Israel Ruiz on edX’s impact. Entrepreneur-led investing and corporate innovation strategies were key topics, enriched by insights from industry leaders. Particularly noteworthy was the Spain Pavilion, showcasing an array of promising startups and highlighting Spain’s dynamic role in fostering a thriving local tech ecosystem.

In light of the transformative developments and groundbreaking innovations showcased at MWC and 4YFN 2024, it’s evident that these conferences stand as beacons for the future of technology and connectivity. Their broadened focus beyond mobile phones to encompass a diverse array of sectors, coupled with an emphasis on leveraging technology for societal benefits, underscores their pivotal roles in shaping the tech landscape. With the global embrace of 5G and the spotlight on projects promising significant advancements in health, environmental sustainability, and more, MWC and 4YFN prove to be more than just conferences; they are crucibles of innovation and collaboration. For anyone invested in the future of technology, its implications for business, and its potential to drive positive change, attending these events is not just worthwhile—it’s essential. This profound impact and the vibrant ecosystem of ideas and opportunities they foster are precisely why we have chosen to create the GLOBAL Sales Tech Festival as a pre-event to these landmark conferences.

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