Celebrating 15 Years of Innovation: The Europas Awards 2023

The Europas Tech Startup Awards 2023, celebrating its 15th anniversary, once again illuminated the vibrant landscape of Europe’s tech startups. Founded in 2009 by Mike Butcher of TechCrunch, this innovation awards has become a prestigious event. Held in Lisbon, it showcases a diverse array of categories, reflecting the dynamic nature of the tech industry. Over the years, they have been instrumental in identifying successful startups like Spotify, Wise (formerly Transferwise), Farfetch, Depop, Starling Bank, and many others.

This year’s event took place at Estufa Fria, a unique botanical garden home to over 300 species from various continents. This unique environment mirrored the diversity and global reach of the startups celebrated at The Europas. As attendees navigated through the event, they were not only engaged in discussions about the future of technology but also enveloped in the tranquility of this botanical wonder. This juxtaposition of cutting-edge tech innovation against the backdrop of natural beauty underscored the event’s theme of harmonious growth and sustainability.

This year agenda


The Awards offered a dynamic and comprehensive schedule, starting in the morning with coffee and breakfast snacks for the attendees. Besides revealing the winners of each category, the event included insightful panels such as “Venturing in Uncertainty,” discussing challenges in venture fundraising during economic and geopolitical uncertainties, and “The State of Ukrainian Startup Ecosystem,” highlighting the resilience of Ukrainian startups amidst the conflict. A networking lunch provided attendees with a chance to connect over a three-course meal. The day continued with “Meet the Press,” where journalists covered major tech topics like AI regulation, cryptocurrency, and remote work trends. The event wrapped up with closing remarks and a final networking session with drinks.

Find more information about the agenda of the event here

A gathering of elite VCs

The jury panel was a gathering of elite venture capitalists from across Europe with notable figures, such as Frederic Court of Felix Capital, Itxaso del Palacio from Notion Capital, Steve Schlenker of DN Capital, Julia Hawkins at Local Globe, and Reshma Sohoni of Seedcamp. They are accompanied by other eminent VCs like Sonia Fernández from Kibo Ventures, Oliver Holle of SpeedInvest, and Pippa Lamb at Sweet Capital. This diverse group brought extensive expertise in the tech startup and venture capital sectors​.

Congratulations to the 2023 winners of  The Europas 2023


IQ Capital a venture capital firm investing in UK-based deep tech companies in sectors like AI, machine learning, and data analytics – recognized as the VC of the Year.

Cleo – an AI-powered personal finance assistant designed to help users manage their money and improve financial health – awarded as the hottest scaleup.

V-ART – a digital platform that provides a marketplace and gallery for virtual and augmented reality art, aimed at artists and buyers – received the nomination named the Hottest Web3 company.

SATVU – high-resolution satellite thermal imaging for climate monitoring and other applications – honored as the Hottest SpaceTech startup.

ZEELO – provides a smart bus platform that offers tailored transportation solutions for corporate and educational commuting – won the Hottest Mobility category.

PAPERCUP – provides AI dubbing services to translate and pronounce video content in multiple languages using lifelike AI voices –  the Hottest Media & Entertainment Startup Award.

COVERFLEX – provides an all-in-one platform for managing employee benefits, insurance, and compensation – awarded in the Hottest InsureTech sector.

FISKL – a financial management platform designed for small businesses and freelancers, offering tools for invoicing, payments, and financial tracking – recognized as the Hottest FinTech startup.

HUMANITY – help all of humanity to slow down aging and maximize healthspan – named the Hottest HealthTech startup.

ZERO GRAVITY – digital platform transforming access to top universities and careers for low-income students – won in the Hottest EdTech category.

SENSEI – leading European provider of autonomous stores, with an AI-powered solution to build efficient operations and deliver a seamless shopping experience – honored as the Hottest e-commerce / Retail startup.

SPACEDOTS – our platforms will test your products in harsh and hard-to-reach environments, at a cost that fits your qualification budgets, and in a timeframe that won’t leave your technology outdated – awarded the Hottest DeepTech Startup title.

HUDSON ROCK – a company that helps protect against ransomware attacks, corporate espionage, and network over-takes – recognized as the Hottest Cybersecurity Startup.

UNDO CARBON – collecting data and measure the carbon we remove – named the Hottest Climate Tech / Sustainability / Impact Startup.

VLGE – the world builder and management platform that enables creators and brands build custom no-code immersive experiences – won in the Hottest B2B SaaS category.

NEW NATIVE – AI platform designed to aggregate the latest AI technologies, allowing both businesses and users to develop AI solutions and distribute them at scale-  honored as the Hottest Artificial Intelligence Startup.

ORDINARY SEAFOOD – on a mission to create next-generation seafood in symbiosis with our oceans – Recognized in the Hottest AgTech



The Europas Awards 2023 was a showcase of revolutionary ideas and achievements in the tech startup world. 15 years have passed from its humble beginnings in a Soho pub in London to its current status as a major event around the WebSummit in Lisbon. They became a cornerstone in identifying and celebrating Europe’s leading tech startups and a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation in the European tech scene. As a media partner, we are honored to have been part of this inspiring event, committed to encouraging the conversations and innovations that propel technological and entrepreneurial advancement.
For more information about The Europas Awards 2023, you can visit their website here

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