On Tuesday the 25th of April, Mario Paladini our CEO & Founder gave a speech about Bots and AI at Personal Nord 17. This event is a perfect networking platform with more than 275 top exhibitors and 5 keynote speakers. It is the place to be to learn more about HR trends such as Bots and AI and also to meet HR professionals. At Personal Nord, Mario Paladini talked about AI and Bots: How can they support mobile workers? He introduces the Globals Bot, a chatbot which makes life easy for expats. The future is already catching up and we are entering an era of digitalisation and AI is the next step to help you be more productive at work and give you more time to really focus on ideas and concepts instead of spending time to plan and execute them.

You can watch below the summary of Mario’s speech.


Mario Paladini Speech


Only a few minutes to go before the speech


The Speech starts: How Chatbots and AI support Mobile Workers?


Presenting the Globals Bot which helps expat to register in Berlin in a simple and efficient way. Soon in other cities!


When the Globals Bot is fully finished Club GLOBALS will change the color of its famous glasses to achieve the next millestone! Which color should we choose?

Meet us at the Startup Jobs Fair, our next event! Made for you to network, find talents and job opportunities! The SJF is a 3 days event happening at the end of June! More info here.


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