The Future of Housing and Living Fourth Edition


In August 2020 we organized an event called The Future of Housing and Living Edition. It was our very first hybrid event hosted online and offline due to the restrictions in place for the Coronavirus. The panel discussions covered an introduction on what there is to know about the real estate market in Berlin. As well as the current trends in real estate and innovation in post-corona times.

The webinar was managed by our founder and CEO, Mario Paladini, who welcomed the participants, speakers and partners.

Starting with the presentations

The first presentation was Zoe Zhou, project manager for GLOBALS Homes at Club GLOBALS. She presented a newly-launched GLOBALS Homes project to the audience. And, Vincent Weiland closed off by answering questions about doubts on buying or renting in Berlin. 

Next up we had Kyrill Krystallis, founder of Inside Insight. We learnt a few tricks on how to get more traffic to websites, as well as how to use the software to get the best results.

Thomas von Muenster then took the stage to speak about real estate investment, and why Berlin is the city to start investing in with attractive loan and mortgage options. 

After this presentation, Carsten Heinrich presented a step-by-step scenario in which foreign investors can buy property in Berlin, as well as the different costs and fees to be taken into account. He answered a critical question on whether foreign investors are able to buy property without actually being on-site or even in the country, and also the importance of having a property manager.

The next speaker, Arkadi Jampolski from Wunderflats, talked about the furnished apartments market. Although impacted by the pandemic, Wunderflats saw an exponential growth in demand for internationals who now see Germany as the country to be in in post-pandemic times, especially due to its efficient crisis management.

Presentations moved on with Esther Bahne from Quarters Co-Living. She talked about how the pandemic had triggered a trend in individuals looking to share spaces with others, and that the niche-market they previously targeted had now become their main market. Esther believes with great passion that co-living will play a great role in the future.

The Pitches 

Louisa Madders started the first round by presenting AiRelo. It is the world’s first smart city registration assistant whose sole mission is to make international life easier by helping them register in a city in one’s native language. 

Tierry Ondet, explained the rapid growth of Room. A company focused on creating modular office spaces ranging from phone booths to flexible offices.

Finally, Gabriela Postole, an interior designer at Home Design Packages, expressed the passion she exhibits for design as well as her dedication to transforming any place into a true home, with all the talent she has to offer.

At the end of the webinar, Dirk Jacobs from 52° NorthStudio, took over the office and played some excellent music to keep the networking going. 

You can check out everything related to the event on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #GHFHL20. Highlights on GLOBALS TV will be released shortly, so stay tuned! And do not miss our latest blog post on Making Berlin your Home.

Club GLOBALS would like to thank the speakers, the partners, the audience, and those who made this event possible in the first place. We hope to see you at our next event organized by GLOBALS Jobs this coming October 2020.


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