South Summit Madrid - "Shape the Future"

South Summit took place in Madrid from 5-7th of October at ‘La Nave’. It was a meeting point for Start-Ups and Partners, and an important opportunity to make yourself known among other new companies. In the last two and a half years, Spain has developed as an entrepreneurial ecosystem. (60% are Startups with their own launched project).  Start-Ups are maturing and many can be considered scaleups. (Startups in a more advanced phase of development). 

The most important thing about new startups in Spain is their vision. Their ability to identify new market opportunities. In addition to that, it’s important to mention that start-ups demand better taxation as a priority. 

Once again this year, Fintech declares itself as the leading industry inside this entrepreneurial ecosystem, but we can’t mention agrotech and e-commerce. The Pandemic has had its effects influencing these companies in 2021. 

Also, it’s important to mention that Spanish entrepreneurs continue to be highly qualified, 16% have a doctorate, which is the highest professional qualification. Also, they are well focused on innovation inside and outside the country, making international bridges, which is also a priority for us, Club GLOBALS. That’s why our media team had the opportunity of meeting and interviewing some of the Start-Ups there, among the CEO, Marta del Castillo, and the South Summit’s founder, Maria Benjumea. 

Some of the inteviewed are:

Under the slogan  ‘Shape the future’, South Summit will be combining the best of the physical and digital world to make a way towards green transformation. The main goal of the event is to make this change through innovation and business, focusing on sustainability. 

We organized an exclusive Madrid Networking for around 30 guests to strengthen relationships and friendship on 6th October 2021 at Museo Chicote, where we had nice drinks and conversations till late in the night.

From here, Club GLOBALS wants to send a big thank you to the organization of the event, all of the volunteers, and everyone that managed to put together this opportunity for entrepreneurs, it’s important that we keep working on creating more bridges and a diverse ecosystem in the industry. Till 2022!

– María Benjumea, Startup Spain (00:03) – E-Residency (01:11) – Philip Werner, Project A (02:04) – Uri Tintore, Belvo (03:11) – Laura González, Venture City (03:51) – Aiyana Scully, Pleo (04:52) – Félix Paez, Hydra Space (05:38) – ·Carmen Requero, #EmprendeCanarias (6:53) – Kiko León, Decathlon (08:28) – Keon Evers, Avular (9:06) – Pablo Fernández, openvia (09:55) – Edwin Mata, BRICKKEN (11:03) – Azucena Elbaile, La Nave (11:38) – Javier Adán, Vistaprint (12:48) – Marta del Castillo, South Summit (13:07)


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