Berlin, a cosmopolitan city inhabited by creative people and entrepreneurs

Berlin is getting attractive for people from around the globe. Many of these people are young entrepreneurs with a strong initiative, eager to learn and build their own projects. These people have so many different backgrounds but they have something in common: they all are looking for challenges! This is why I came from Mexico City half a year ago and I know how difficult it can be to start from zero.

The new settlers of Berlin come looking for what we have heard, that in this city we get access to a great cultural scene and a variety of attractions. Furthermore, the city is a creative playground for all kind of minds which dare to start something. Berlin is a vibrant city full of movement, diversity, and surprises for everyone.

However, we need to realize that things are not going to be just put to be taken. We rather have to become proactive and look for the doors and the correct information. Everyone has to be ready to meet new people, groups, and communities to feel comfortable and cosy.

Not surprisingly Berlin is full of people who have gone through the situation of being new to the city. I can speak out of my own experience. On the one hand, I know how it feels to be new without any idea of the German bureaucracy rules and the unknown heartbeat of this vibrant city. On the other hand, I see many people full of a positive spirit who want to share what they know. They are able to create networks to facilitate the experience of coming to settle down in this awesome city.

Stop feeling lost and do networking in Berlin

An excellent way to meet people and do networking is to attend events. There are many free events in which you can learn and be surrounded by people with fresh ideas. Check out all kind of options! It is a great way to connect with new people. There are also a lot of startup events, in some, you have to pay the entry, in others, you can participate as a volunteer. And do not miss social networks like Facebook or Twitter, where you can find very useful pages and groups.

Last week Club Globals was organizing the event Networking Reinvented Event. The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we interact and network with each other. A selected number of experts will come together to answer burning questions as to what extent networking has been impacted since the pandemic hit the world earlier this year, and the perspective of networking in a post-corona climate.

So this is just a bit of this exciting city, I can’t wait to see what comes next. You should get contact with the Mario Paladini network. Share your ideas, plans, visions with proactive people with clear goals, a positive mindset and surely you will find some of the answers you were looking for.

Created by Edalí Cárdenas Beltrán

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