Valencia Digital Summit 2023 Insights

It’s been a week since the Valencia Digital Summit made its mark, setting a new precedent for tech events in Spain’s southern region. With a crowd of 12,000 atendees, the summit has raised the bar for future tech conferences. Catch a glimpse of the event’s success in the summary video, featuring Nacho Mas, CEO of Startup Valencia and key orchestrator of the summit. He reflects on the event’s impressive scale and its strategic focus on fostering impactful connections to drive business opportunities. As the summit evolves, the priority will shift from quantity to the quality of interactions and the potential for sustainable collaborations.

Behind the Scenes: Insights from the Innovators

Step back into the summit’s innovative atmosphere with our exclusive interview series where we discover what the most important entities of the Startup Ecosystem in Spain have to offer for the entrepreneurs.

Marta Antunez – Director at Wayra Barcelona

Marta Antunez is the Director at Wayra Barcelona, her focus is on nurturing startups and establishing Barcelona as a top European tech hub. With expertise in strategic planning and community building, Marta is a vital player in the tech industry.

Carmen Marcos – Coordinator of Horizon Europe for Valencia

Carmen Marcos Méndez is an innovation and entrepreneurship enthusiast, currently serving as the Coordinator of the Horizon Europe Program for Valencia. She is instrumental in cultivating a creative and entrepreneurial spirit among entrepreneurs, providing essential resources and mentorship to transform their ideas into successful ventures.

Inma Moretón Communication Director, ENISA

Inma Moretón is a communications expert with over 20 years in digital media, having led front page management for El País, El Mundo, and Yahoo! Currently, she’s the Spain Up Nation Communication Director at ENISA, driving innovation in digital media.

Fernando Garrido – Mediterranean Director EOI

Fernando is the Mediterranean Director of Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI), where he helps people start and grow their businesses. EOI is a school that teaches people about business and technology. Fernando’s job is to create programs that help new businesses get started and help existing businesses get better with technology, and in this interview, he explains some of the programs available.

Though the Valencia Digital Summit has concluded, the insights and connections it facilitated continue to resonate within the tech community. As we look forward to the next edition, the VDS 23 has undoubtedly left an indelible mark, inspiring attendees and setting the stage for future tech advancements in the region.

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