Future Travel 2023: Exploring Tech, Trends, and Transformation

A week has passed since the exciting conclusion of Future Travel’s 3rd edition. At Club GLOBALS, we were proud participants and media partners, thrilled to be part of this journey – a true celebration of travel tech, innovation, and the spirit of exploration.

The summit was a showcase of the latest trends, technologies, and strategies shaping the future of travel. From keynote speeches to panel discussions, the event provided a platform for thought leaders to share their visions and for attendees to network with peers. Watch the summary video featuring the exclusive insights from its organizer, Ana Metz.

Highlights of Future Travel 2023

Exclusive Interviews

We had the opportunity to talk with representatives from Amadeus, TripAdvisor, and Lufthansa. These conversations provided deeper insights into how each company is navigating the challenges and opportunities within the evolving travel landscape and how are they collaborating with the Startup Ecosystem.


Oliver Kaesermann – Head of Amadeus Launchpad

Oliver is known for his strategic foresight and expertise in steering organizations towards digital excellence. In this interview, he shares the opportunities Amadeus has for entrepreneurs.

Tino Klähne – Strategy Director, Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Tino Klaehne, with his profound expertise and passion for travel technology, delves into the latest programs Lufthansa has available and trends that are reshaping the way we explore the world.

Fabrizio Orlando – Global Director of Industry Affairs, Tripadvisor

Fabrizio brings a wealth of experience and insights into the evolving landscape of travel and tourism. With a career spanning various roles and responsibilities, he has developed a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the industry.

Several key themes emerged from the summit, including the growing importance of sustainable travel, the role of data in personalizing the travel experience, and the impact of emerging technologies like AI and blockchain in the industry. As we reflect on the wealth of knowledge and insights shared, it’s clear that the travel industry is on the cusp of a new era, driven by innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to shaping a better future for travelers worldwide.

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