Modern Infrastructure Barcamp


Hard work pays off they say, and this was exactly the case last Thursday. Weeks of preparation leading up to the 31st of May, which was the day of The Modern Infrastructure Barcamp, hosted by Club GLOBALS, Computacenter, and AWS. We want to say a massive thank you to our partners who not only made the event possible but also made it such a success!

The best tech leaders were invited to discuss daily tech problems with each other, as the pleasant sound of Dirk Jacobs’ music played in the background. You can listen to Dirk’s music here!

Tech Roadshow

After a quick check-in, everybody was ready to get started! At first, there was a tech roadshow planned, followed by a guided tour of McKinsey Experience Studio. They have different electronic machines to inspire people, such as Pepper the robot and ICAROS. All participants had the opportunity to try out these different machines whilst learning about each gadget’s connection to McKinsey. In the tech roadshow, we learnt about McKinsey’s interest in promoting all these new technological developments. Who would ever have thought a few years ago that a robot that really can talk and anticipate human behavior would exist?

Impulse Speeches

We invited two different speakers to kick off the Modern Infrastructure Barcamp. The first speaker was Amine Abidi, a Senior Digital Expert at McKinsey. He informed the audience about all the trends in different ways of Infrastructure. He was full of inspiration and shared his extensive knowledge about the subject.

The second speaker was Ilya Edrenkin, CTO at i2x. Ilya’s informative presentation was both useful and interesting. It was clear that from his way of speaking, that he has a lot of knowledge about Modern Infrastructure, and we were very grateful that he was willing to share this with us.

The Barcamp

The main part of the event was the Barcamp. Everybody provided a topic that they were keen to know more about. These ideas were then classified into 5 subjects. Every subject had its own room to discuss relevant ideas. Different ‘leaders’ started at the 5 different topics and other tech leaders would then join them to get to know more or to tell about their product. It was effectively like a walk-in seminar, different people shared their knowledge and everybody had the choice to join or leave at any point. The main topics were Blockchain, How to get talents in your team, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Security and Partnering. As every company, startup or big, have to deal with these topics, it was perfect to discuss these concepts and to learn from other tech enthusiasts’ experiences.

Modern Infrastructure Barcamp

Closing, Networking & VIP Shuttle

After all the hard working, it was time for a drink and networking! The atmosphere was relaxed, accompanied by snacks and refreshments to get everyone in the mood for the evening. While enjoying a drink and networking, the transfer, provided by Audi City Berlin, to the After Work Dance event was ready to take everyone to Puro Sky Lounge to finish the night in style.


After Work Dance

The After Work Dance was held at the PURO Sky Lounge in the Europa center. It was arranged very well with a lot of food, drinks and music entertainment. We brought our guests of the Modern Infrastructure Barcamp to the After Work Dance. Because after all day sharing knowledge it is nice to have drinks together and enjoy time together. There were a singer and DJ who filled the evening with lovely music. So it was the perfect setting, nice drinks, good food, music and watch the sunset from the great roof terrace! Our guests had their own place in the lounge and they enjoyed it! Of course, there were also some small dances.

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