New in the city? Try to Meetup!

New in the city? Try to Meetup!

Do you want to explore ‘your new’ country or city? Are you alone and you want to meetup with people? Or are you with a group of friends and you guys are looking for fun?

Well, the answer is here: The Meetup app! ?

Meetup with people who love what you love, and keep the conversation going.

When people go to a different country, it is always with a different thought behind it. Someone wants to explore the city: visit a museum, try new food, go hiking, hit up a brewery tour, or just to meet new people. Sometimes people want to boost up their career: take classes, expand network, learn a language, test a prototype, or pitch to investors. And you also have people who want to get creative: record ? a podcast, jam out, write a screenplay, discuss art, design a mural, or create something else entirely. On the meetup app you can find it all.

The reason why I’m so hyped about this app is, because I have experienced it myself.

First, I was nervous and I actually didn’t want to use the meetup app. But then after a couple days of being here in Belin, I felt alone and was a little bit bored. So I checked the app and found the meeting ‘Reden Wir’ with 13 other people, who would go to coffee shop. ☕️

So I signed myself up for this meetup and I went. It was a lot of fun actually. I’ve had multiple conversations with different people. Some conversations were about the differences between our cultures, or about our adventures, other ones were about our hobby’s, studies, families ?‍?‍?‍?etc. A lot of people were in the same situation as me. So most of them came here for a few moths or years, to get more experience for their work or school.

The 2 hours meetup went quickly and it was already time for me to go home again. Just a quick reminder: you don’t have to stay in the meetup if you don’t want to, you’re free to come and come anytime, no strings attached!

In overall I had a great day, and all because I stepped out of my comfort zone and experienced something new. I’m already checking all the next meetups, but this time I want to do something more adventurous like hiking with a group of people. ⛰

If you are new in the city, or maybe even if you’re not, check it out! I’m sure you’ll have a good time and meetup a lot of cool people as you! ?


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