Inside South Summit: Club GLOBALS Makes Waves with Exclusive Interviews

It’s been a week since the South Summit 2023 wrapped up in Madrid, Spain. As media partners, we at Club GLOBALS are grateful to have been part of this significant event, a true celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship. Now, we’re excited to share with you the highlights, the behind-the-scenes buzz, and the key takeaways that emerged from this trending event. 🎥✨

South Summit isn’t just a conference; it’s a vibrant meeting point of brilliant minds, a platform for groundbreaking ideas, and a catalyst for meaningful collaborations. So, let’s take a step back and relive the unforgettable moments of South Summit 2023!


The Tour

First, let’s set the scene. Picture this: a bustling venue, a diverse crowd, and an electric atmosphere. That’s South Summit for you. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our exclusive video tour with Mario Paladini, our CEO, as he navigates the event, bringing you the highlights while we walk into the action.

Interview highlights

At Club GLOBALS, we believe in the power of knowledge and the significance of meaningful connections. During South Summit, Mario Paladini engaged in insightful conversations with top-tier tech experts, visionary entrepreneurs, and influential speakers. From thought-provoking discussions on the future of technology to groundbreaking insights into industry trends, our exclusive interviews provided a unique glimpse into the minds of those shaping the tech landscape.

A media gold tip

Adrés Dulanto is Editor in Chief of EFE. EFE is the first news agency in Spanish and the fourth in the world, with more than seventy years of experience that guarantee its impartiality, its power, its credibility and its immediacy.

A multimedia news company with a global network of journalists, where more than three thousand professionals of 60 nationalities work 24 hours a day from more than 180 cities in 120 countries and with four editing desks in Madrid, Bogotá, Cairo and Rio de Janeiro, to offer its products to customers on five continents.


And the winner is…

Maria Luke is the Founder of Uelz. Uelz is a no code collection orchestration platform. Manage multiple payment gateways and automate your collections from a single place.

Uelz has been awarded as the 🏆 best Startup in the “Startup competition” of South Summit 2023. Uelz managed to become one of the finalist projects among the more than 4500 applications submitted, to later win the first prize in the #fintech and #insurtech category

Edtech projects wanted

FĂ©lix LĂłpez Capel is the Director at SEK Lab EdTech Accelerator. SEK Lab EdTech Accelerator is In evolution since 1892, the methodology taught in our centers is characterized by being innovative, collaborative and different.

Designed to respond to the needs of the 21st century student, our educational model transforms the teacher-student relationship and integrates new technologies as one of the fundamental transversal axes to improve the learning of our students at all stages of the SEK Educational Institution. from Kindergarten to University.

Forever life?

Liz Parrish life extension specialist  & Jose Cordeiro Futurelogist
Discover the cutting-edge discussions on life extension and the future of aging in this captivating video. Join renowned life extension specialist, Liz Parrish, as she delves into the revolutionary potential of gene therapy to enhance and prolong human life. Gain insights into the latest advancements and breakthroughs in the field.
In addition, explore the thought-provoking perspectives of Jose Cordeiro, a prominent futurologist, as he shares insights from his book, “The Death of Death.” Delve into a fascinating exploration of a future where aging is conquered and immortality becomes a possibility.
Escape room booking has never been easier. Investors up!

Alexandrina Grosu is the Co-Founder & CEO at EscapeUp. At EscapeUp, we want to go further. We want Escape Rooms to be experiences that help organizations identify, measure and enhance the skills and abilities of their teams, helping them in their personal and professional development. That is why by combining an escape game with the skills analysis of a professional analyst, we obtain a powerful improvement tool.

A tool with which to achieve high performance teams All activity in an Escape Room begins with a team and the approach of a challenge with its consequent objective to overcome within a set period. In other words, an Escape Room can be compared to a professional project in which each actor has their role and in which, only by collaborating effectively, is it possible to achieve the final goal on time and with the best results.

Are you ready for Salamanca?

Emilio Corchado is the CEO and Founder Start-up OLÉ. Start-up OLÉ is a tech-event held annually sinces 2014. The attendees range from investors, corporates, mid-caps, entrepreneurs, accelerators/incubators, media outlets, gouvernments/public admin and universities/scientific & tech parks. This contains a mix of CEOs and founders of thec startups, spin-offs and innovatice SMEs together with a range of people from across the ecosystem.

Why Estonia?

Taiz Coe is Country Manager and Public and Private sector BD & Partnerships Coordinator at e-Residency. Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital ID available to anyone in the world.

E-Residency offers the freedom to easily start and run a global business in a trusted EU environment. E-residents can establish their EU-company entirely online, sign documents with their e-Residency Digital ID Card easily, enjoy the hassle-free way of doing business, and run their business without borders.

Stucked with bureaucracy? Easy peasy…

Louis Williams is the CEO and Co-Founder of Entre Trámites. Entre Trámites is a new concept of management; professionals, accountants, for SMEs, self-employed, close and at the forefront of technology. Discover their 100% online service: simple, agile and transparent. Entre Trámites helps SMEs, freelancers, entrepreneurs and foreigners with their personalized advice at affordable prices. Best of all, your manager will accompany you throughout the process and you will have all the information online in your profile. Entre Trámites goal is to take care of all your accounting, legal, labor and tax issues, so that you can invest your time in activities that really generate value for you

Monetize your calls

Exequiel Kantor is the Co-founder & CMO at Dooiu. Dooiu is a Social Fintech that integrates solutions to ensure that professionals are compensated for their time. At Dooiu they seek to value time and knowledge through meaningful and synchronous interactions between citizens of the world.

They create a platform that integrates the necessary solutions to ensure that people around the world are compensated for their time and knowledge, with clear transactional rules from the beginning. Dooiu allows any individual, student, teacher, consultant, professional to increase their income and further develop their careers. And for those who want to consult them, it allows them a frictionless experience and to pay the right amount for what they receive. Dooiu expands the possibilities for both parts and facilitates their interactions in the new knowledge economy.

Invest like a bull!

Tali Salomon is Spanish & Portuguese Regional Manager at eToro. eToro is the World’s Leading Social Investment Platform. eToro is a multi-asset platform which offers both investing in stocks and digital assets, as well as trading CFDs. Founded in 2007 with a mission to open the world’s markets to everyone -everywhere, we are now very proud to have a global community of over 20 million users who exchange investment strategies, connect and share thoughts about the market, across our social feed.

And just like that, our journey through South Summit 2023 comes to an end. We hope you’ve enjoyed this insider’s tour of one of the tech industry’s standout events. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of innovation, insights, and inspiring dialogues, all set against the backdrop of the vibrant and ever-changing tech landscape. Remember, at Club GLOBALS, we’re not just a community, we’re a movement. Join us, and let’s shape the future of tech together!

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