Inside TOA 2023: A Week of Tech, Talks, and Connections

A week has passed since the conclusion of TOA 2023 in Berlin, Germany. As proud partners, we at Club GLOBALS are thrilled to have been part of this pivotal event, a true celebration of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Now, we’re eager to share with you the highlights, the behind-the-scenes excitement, and the key insights that emerged from this trendsetting event. 🎥✨

TOA isn’t just a conference; it’s a dynamic convergence of brilliant minds, a platform for revolutionary ideas, and a catalyst for impactful collaborations. So, let’s rewind and relive the unforgettable moments of TOA 2023!

Highlights of TOA 2023
Interview highlights

Immerse yourself in the world of Tech Open Air (TOA) 2023 with Club GLOBALS. From insightful interviews with tech leaders to our own successful networking event, discover the highlights, insights, and key takeaways from one of Berlin’s leading tech festivals. Watch our exclusive TOA playlist on YouTube here for a deeper dive into the minds of those shaping the tech landscape.

Exploring the impact of technology…

Niko LeWoi is the Founder and CEO of Tech Open Air (TOA)

TOA is a leading technology festival that provides a platform for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and collaboration. It brings together tech experts, innovators, startups, and enthusiasts from various industries. TOA focuses on the impact of technology on society and explores the potential for technological solutions to solve global challenges.

TOA started as the world’s first crowd-funded festival and evolved into a community of thousands like-minded technology enthusiasts gathering in Berlin each summer. When COVID hit, we moved our community online with the launch of our virtual formats, TOA Klub and TOA ON AIR.

Make business easy at every stage…

Katrin Vaga is Head of PR at E-residency & Mats Kuuskeema is County Director of Germany, Austria and Switzerland of E-residency.

Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital ID available to anyone in the world.

E-Residency offers the freedom to easily start and run a global business in a trusted EU environment. E-residents can establish their EU-company entirely online, sign documents with their e-Residency Digital ID Card easily, enjoy the hassle-free way of doing business, and run their business without borders.

Raise money for your business…

Ferdinand Mühlhäuser is Country Manager/Managing Director Germany of Founders Institute.

Founder Institute is the world’s first idea-stage accelerator. Their program was built with early-stage Founders in mind specifically, meaning you can join with just an idea or MVP.

Founders Institute provide invaluable knowledge from top Mentors and deliver decades of startup and entrepreneurship experience in an intensive 14-week offline format. They quickly switched to a pure online format when Covid19 hit and do now continue to offer most of the program in a virtual fashion and the most valuable networking sessions in a hybrid (online and offline) format.

Becoming a superconnector…

Alexander Broekman is Co-founder & CEO of Superconnectors and also Program Director.

A Superconnection can accelerate your business. Superconnectors is an event where startups can find the right solution to their most critical ask with the help of a Superconnector. This could be an introduction to someone in a specific market, to the right investor, to someone with unique knowledge or someone with exceptional access to talent.

Founders pitch their most critical ask to a group of Superconnectors. The Superconnectors then compete for the best connection to solve their ask! The startups will decide who can help in the best way.

Driving London’s global impact…

Miriam Ducke is the Director Europe of London & Partners.

London & Partners is the business growth and destination agency for London. Their mission is to create economic growth that is resilient, sustainable and inclusive.

London & Partners promotes London across the world; attract overseas organisations, events and visitors to the capital; and help retain and grow London companies. Their key international markets are North America, China, Europe and India.

India’s Path to Sustainability…

Ritesh Pandey is a Member of Parliament in India

The Government of India (Bhārat Sarkār; often abbreviated as GoI), known as the Union Government or Central Government but often simply as the Centre, is the national government of the Republic of India, a federal democracy located in South Asia, consisting of 28 union states and eight union territories. Under the Constitution, there are three primary branches of government: the legislative, the executive and the judiciary, whose powers are vested in a bicameral Parliament, President, aided by the Council of Ministers, and the Supreme Court respectively

Transform leaders to transform the world…

Achim Feige is the Co-Founder & CEO of VERTICAL Development GmbH

VERTICAL Development GmbH educates the next generation of executive leaders who want to take the leap into a world under new economic and social auspices. By teaching flow principles to leaders and their teams and guiding them in their personal development, we expand their awareness, creating capacity for the complexity of our world and space for creativity and self-determination.

As a Peak Performer, you sleep better, work more focused, gain up to 10 hours of free time per week, and lead more humanely. And you can do it in just 90 days. The training methods are based on the latest findings of neuroscience as well as ancient wisdom.

Our journey through TOA 2023 culminated in a successful event on the last Friday, marking a memorable end to an incredible week. The Capital Network event, hosted by Club GLOBALS, was a testament to the power of connection and innovation, bringing together startups and investors in a dynamic setting.

As we reflect on the insights, dialogues, and breakthroughs of TOA 2023, we’re reminded of the vibrant and ever-evolving tech landscape that we’re a part of. At Club GLOBALS, we’re more than just a community – we’re a movement committed to shaping the future of tech.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Let’s continue to innovate, connect, and transform the tech world together!

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