Celebration of the 40th anniversary of the BVMW (Berlin Event)

The Celebration of the 40 Years of BVMW (Berlin Event) was held in the Maritim Hotel Berlin it started at 11:30. During the ceremony we got the privileged to listen very interesting speakers.

The Grand Opening was made by Mario Ohoven, BVMW, the President of the European SME – European Entrepreneurs. After talked, Volker Bouffier, President of the Bundesrat, Minister President of Hessen. The ceremony proceed with the speech of the Awarding honorary prize of the SMBs,  Gerhard Schröder, Chancellor a.D.

The Closure was also amazing moderated by Sissi Hajtmanek ,the TV presenter and editor for the ARD of the Frankfurt Stock Exchang and the Musical accompaniment with Paul Potts, Tenor.

About BVMW

BVMW – The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

The BVMW is a politically independent association which caters for all commercial branches and professions, and represents the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in politics, with administrative authorities, with trade unions and with major companies. Medium-sized businesses – around 3.3 million individual enterprises in all – are the backbone and impulse of the German economy.

Through your membership of the BVMW, you assist in strengthening the situation of small and medium-sized businesses and enable them to secure a more powerful position.

At the same time you, too, benefit from the services of a large and growing mutually supportive group.

Mario Ohoven
President of the BVMW


Mario Ohoven (Photo Source: http://www.bvmw.de/)

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