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Startupnight Dubai featured AiRelo

GLOBALS was honored to pitch AiRelo at the first edition of Startupnight Dubai as the highlight of an intense program offered by Startalliance and Dubai SME. This event was between February 9th – February 14th, 2019 in Dubai.

STEP started as a series of workshops and small gatherings of people with the same opinion. It has grown to become the largest tech experimental festival in the Middle East five years later. STEP Conference will also be working with startups from six various sectors. Transportation & mobility, aerospace, energy efficiency, medical & health, ICT, and education are the main startups sectors . It was a great pleasure for us to be invited to this event.

This program was an amazing chance for us to gain insight into the SME ecosystem and meet with experts. Moreover, it was amazing to explore various opportunities during the one week, and get familiar with the cultural nuances of doing business in Dubai and the Middle East.

Mario Paladini has attended various events when he was in Dubai. Let`s learn more about Start Alliance Dubai, The World Government Summit, and Oracle OpenWorld Dubai Events he also attended.

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