On June 29th,30th and July 1st, Club GLOBALS organized its biggest event so far: The Startup Jobs Fair. Created from scratch this event has no similar one and it’s rare for Berlin. The main added value of the SJF was its two networking parties who took place one day before and one day after the fair itself. Allowing employees, founders, hr specialists, recruiters, talents, job seekers, students etc. to mingle in a casual way is actually the best way to find a job or find new talents.

GLOBALS Bot Soft Launch

The Startup Jobs Fair was the opportunity for us to softly launch our Chat Bot, a messenger bot which fills out the registration form for you in English when you arrive in a new city. We got a great feedback on the bot which helps us to always improve our service!

30th of June- Fair Day @BARMER

The 30th of June was the main day of the event, where startup had booth and talents were wandering in the fair to find a job and connect.

The Companies

SJF hosted 32 startups/ companies at BARMER. Recruiters and job seekers got the chance to meet and exchange with each other in a nice atmosphere.

The Speakers

With 16 speakers, the SJF was the perfect place to learn about new visions, concepts, disruptive ideas thanks to the outstanding speakers who joined the event!

Alexander Nast- Instagram Reporter for SJF17

Alexander Nast covered the Day Fair, interviewing companies to get to know what their business was and what job they offered. You can watch the full stories bellow.

Recap Video- Thank You!

In a nutshell, we are happy to have organized such a meaningful event wich not only helped people to get a job and companies to find talents but also helped people connect with each other and learn news ideas and visions thanks to the speakers.

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