Web Summit Dublin 2013

Thanks to the 245 people who voted for our GLOBALS video, Mario Paladini was able to represent us at Websummit in Dublin. More than 500 participants from all over the world shared their videos to try to get under the top 50 to be able to pitch on the People’s

The stage at Websummit. GLOBALS got 21st place and Mario was really proud to pitch (almost without voice – slides) the GLOBALS Vision. Especially in an event of more than 10.000 technology leaders and internationally minded people.


Of course, a lot of media was present at Websummit and a great number of journalists tried to catch Mario for an interview. The Irish Times got one out of many interviews of Mario which was published the next day. The Web Summit took place on the 30th and 31st of October. And many people visited our GLOBALS “booth” on the second day. Various global minded people asked questions and gathered a lot of information. Particularly about the unique community marketplace that GLOBALS is offering.

After talking to various global minded people, exchanging ideas, experiences and knowledge, Mario lost his voice when coming back to the office on Monday morning. However the awesome experience and meeting all these interesting people made up for it!

However, Mario not only flew to Ireland for the Web Summit but also for hosting our first GLOBALS Event in Dublin. It took place in the luxurious Shelbourne Hotel on Friday after Web Summit.

Internationally minded people came together to learn about GLOBALS. It took place in a nice relaxing atmosphere while enjoying a delicious glass of wine. The Event was a great success and GLOBALS is looking forward to hosting our next event in Dublin soon.

Mario with his last voice says thank you for such interesting, exciting as well as successful days at Web Summit. And he sends you greetings from Dublin.

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