TOA17 was the 6th edition of this interdisciplinary festival with 20 000 Attendees, 200+ Satellite events, 200+ Speakers and 1.200+ Founders/ CEO it has established itself as the place to be in July. Set in 4 days, with the 2 major days at the Funkhause a great location for this event. This is the kind of festival where you will always find something that interests you. From tech savvy to meditation guru, this years’ festival was a success in the sense that everyone found something they liked. We are glad to have had the opportunity to go there and introduce our Chatbot with some of the attendees we met.

You will find below the pictures of TOA17.

Day 1 - 12th of July

A leap in the Future with the CEO of Meetup

The Co-Founder and CEO of Meetup depicted a realistic portrait of 2027 society for us. While 10 years from now, everyone will meet strangers to share a common passion. Nowadays we are unable to share that easily a common passion with strangers. This is mainly due to a lack of communication on it. Traveling into the future with Scott Heiferman was a real eye opening experience.

Did you say “Gif” or “Jif”?

Richard Rabbat the Co-Founder and CEO of Gyfcat, enlightened us on the rise of the 60-second videos. Popping up everywhere (Instagram, snapchat, twitter etc.) short content is king. As we say, less is more and this is exactly what it is all about. Therefore, with the 60 seconds’ barrier, these short videos only show the essential. The best of the best of a movie, the best punchlines or moments.

How to properly listen to others?

Mounira Latrache doing an interactive session on mindful listening and emotional intelligence. This kind of workshop was really interesting as the audience could fully understand two things. The first one was the meaning of mindful listening. the second one was understanding why we should really pay attention to what people tell us as in their situation we feel the need to be really listen to.

Day 2 - 13th of July

Connect with your neighbors!

The Founder and CEO of Jodel, giving a speech at TOA17. How to connect with your neighbors? Nowadays, everyone is online, chatting with people on the other side of the planet. Yet, in this social media area, didn’t we forget that connecting with people nearby is as important for us if not even more relevant?

Interview on Startups and the global context

European startups in the Global context, Philipp Rösler (member of the Managing Board, World Economic Forum) interviewed by Sabrina Hoffman the editor in chief at Business Insider. An insightful session to learn more about the place of the European startups in the world. And how they can position themselves facing mostly the US.

TOA17- Spree Banks

Tech Open Air 2017 was a great event. It allowed the GLOBAL’s Team to listen to inspiring speakers, alternative music in the Sound room, chill near the river banks after a beer tasting, discover new and cool concepts and so much more.  We also meet a lot of great people and it was a great opportunity to have direct feedback on our main product: the Bot which helps internationals with the Anmeldung. And we got great and encouraging feedback!


Finally, we look forward to coming back next year!

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