GLOBALS 5 year Anniversary: new milestone & new glassesv

Wow, 5 years have flown by since we started GLOBALS! Our passionate journey to make international life easy has been quite the rollercoaster, but despite our many ups and downs, we are thrilled to announce our next milestone.

This past month has been rather quiet for us, but don’t worry, we have a good reason. We have been focusing on launching our latest product, AiRelo – a smart chatbot that assists you with your city registration through Facebook messenger!

Pretty cool right? But first, I would like to thank my wife Anne and all of our family and friends for their relentless support during this endeavor. You were there for us during the good times and the bad, and we cannot thank you enough for your help. We are also honored to welcome our latest investor Michael Brehm, as well as our tech partner Dirk! It’s an exciting time to join us and we are blessed to have your knowledge and experience during the development of this product.

As you may know, with every milestone we complete here at GLOBALS, we have a pair of glasses to match! Check out this brief video celebrating the occasion.

Introducing AiRelo! It’s a Chatbot on Facebook messenger to assist you with filling out your city registration form. After spending many years personally helping newcomers get settled in the city, I learned that the bureaucracy of registering a new address is the first challenge before you can actually enjoy it. With AiRelo, all you have to do is pick a language, city, scan your passport, answer some simple questions, hand in the form AiRelo filled out for you and that’s it. No need to answer all the questions on the form or struggle with the office worker when you don’t speak the same language. If everyone uses AiRelo, there will no longer be hours of waiting in line, which will ultimately save many hours of valuable productivity time!

We would like to thank the hundreds of people in the community who tested the bot, gave the team useful feedback and helped us pick out the name. We would greatly appreciate you continuing to help us by liking our FB page, following on Twitter and Instagram sharing this article, giving us feedback and spreading the word with your friends! #AiReloMe

We can’t wait to see what you think of AiRelo.

Bye for now! 8)

AiRelo Smart City Registration Assistant

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