Club GLOBALS connecting your passion


Club GLOBALS connecting your passion

You are young full of passion and you want to chase your dreams. You want to make your passion your job, you are going to start your own company. But which place is the right place to start your own company? Of course, you need to start in a metropolis but, Why don’t you choose a city which is number one in development and innovation? Like Berlin. Berlin is a city with a lot of history and at the same time is a future-oriented city. Berlin is also called ‘Smart City’, If you want to know why they call Berlin like this, you can read our blog post ‘Smart City Berlin’.

After the choice is made, you are going to start your company in Berlin. And now? Where do you need to start? How are you going to get a network? and How can you grow as a company? In Berlin, there are plenty of possibilities! I will tell you some suggestions that you can use as a newborn entrepreneur.

Enter to AiRelo

AiRelo is a system that makes easy to register in a new city. It is a multi-language Facebook chatbot which through some next step questions will send you the main files fulfilled in the local language to your mailbox. Start chatting here

When you are going to Berlin as an entrepreneur, the first barrier you might find is the language, but AiRelo has the solution. Without the need of downloading an App or signing up, you can use AiRelo in your mother tongue and receive all the files in German. Easy! AiRelo helps you with the first steps to settle in Berlin.

If you want more information about it you can find it at


Berlin as location for your passion

Berlin is a city that had grown a lot in innovation and development. Some places and cities are famous for it and they are popular among new entrepreneurs. For example, Silicon Valley in San Francisco. This is a place with a lot of tech genius. But Berlin is also a growing city, you can even say Berlin is the European Silicon Valley. Berlin has a lot of talent. Most of them are programmers, designers, and community managers. To connect with these talents is important to have a good location with your company.

Kreuzberg is a district in Berlin what is popular for his culture and that a lot of young entrepreneurs start their company here. So it’s an advantage for the young entrepreneurs that they can use each other.

But if your company has still no sufficient budget you can use coworking spaces, famous for their many advantages. If you want to know more about coworking and where to find them in Berlin, this blog will interest you!


Bring your passion to Berlin

Connecting is everything

To start a successful company in a strange city and strange country is it important to create a trustful network. You can read a hundred blogs about Berlin, but you only know how it is really is when you experience it in practice. But then the next question, How do you connect with someone who is an expert? We from Club GLOBALS had thought about that. We connect entrepreneurs. We also try to make the world easier connecting people. We do that in many ways. Organize startup events is one of them. In these events we gather different people, from entrepreneurs to investors or business advisors. If you want to join these events, join our community!


When you follow these suggestions you are already a step closer to your dream, to make this dream a success. Every beginning is hard, but you have to get through that, as many others did. Don’t give up is the most important to know as an entrepreneur. Keep going for your passion. And from the hard begin, you can look to the future. A look to the future where entrepreneurs stand there for each other and help each other grow. Entrepreneurs who stand together for a bigger success.




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