A Recap of Capital Network: Fostering Connections Between Startups and Investors

Welcome to our recap of the Capital Network event. Let’s rewind to what happened at this unique gathering, hosted by Club GLOBALS and Capital Circle Group at Berlin’s iconic Kollhoff Tower. The event was all about innovation, collaboration, and creating potential partnerships. We saw some promising startups pitching their ideas to a room full of investors. It was a vibrant showcase of Berlin’s thriving startup scene. So, let’s dive in and check out the highlights!

Highlights of Capital Network


The competition was a dynamic display of innovation, with a variety of startups stepping up to share their unique solutions. This platform truly captured the diversity and vibrancy of Berlin’s startup ecosystem.

Kilian Eckle from RoofUz presented their sustainable, Lego-like solution addressing housing scarcity. Melissa Sequeira from Ubuntu Tribe spoke about their mission to democratize wealth through digital assets. Elle Langer from Pimento Formate shared their innovative approach to the future of education through AR technology and the power of storytelling.

Tabitha Tangherlini from Nkoto Remote introduced their unique home-swapping solution, offering a fresh take on remote work and living. Benjamin R. from GrantLift showcased their platform that simplifies the grant application process for startups. Samantha Merlivat from GoLexic wrapped up the competition with a compelling pitch about their EdTech solution designed to assist children with dyslexia.

Each pitch was a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels Berlin’s startup scene. The competition was intense, and in an unexpected twist, it ended in a tie. Rather than casting a deciding vote, we chose to celebrate both RoofUz and GoLexic as winners. Their innovative solutions and persuasive pitches distinguished them, and we’re eager to see how these promising startups will shape the future.

RoofUz, Eco-friendly rooftops additions in 35% less time…

Kilian A. Eckle is the Founder & CEO of RoofUz.

RoofUz supports builders with sustainable attic conversions. For this, they use a digital approach and connect builders and construction experts via their platform. The consistent use of wooden modules makes the expansion easier, faster, cheaper and more sustainable than before.

RoofUz is an international, interdisciplinary team from the fields of construction, architecture, design and digitalization. Their mission is to end the housing crisis with new living units on the (yet) uninhabited roofs of Berlin. Because Smart Cities are our future, and life should be lived (sustainably) without limits – in any direction

GoLexic, makes it easy for you to help with dyslexia and other reading difficulties…

Samantha Merlivat is the Founder & CEO of GoLexic.

GoLexic was created because too many children still have to go through life without appropriate means to address their difficulties with reading and writing. And this bears consequences on their academic achievements, career prospects and perhaps most importantly, on their self-esteem and emotional well-being.

There is simply aren’t enough therapists, tutors and specialists to provide interventions quickly enough for children with learning differences. Intervention costly, and families who can’t afford private care have to wait months on waiting list for accessible support.

The purpose of GoLexic is to help families with support that is immediately available and affordable, without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of the intervention.

Using a training method conceived to address the learning needs of children with reading difficulties and dyslexia, we have built a digital program that helps them re-learn to read and write fluently.

As we wrap up our recap of the Capital Network event, we’re filled with a sense of optimism and eagerness for the future. The event was a showcase of forward-thinking ideas, passionate presentations, and a lively atmosphere that truly encapsulates Berlin’s thriving startup culture.

This gathering served as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential that lies within our collective efforts. When we unite, exchange ideas, and support one another, we can ignite change and propel advancement.

We extend our warm congratulations to RoofUz and GoLexic, the deserving winners of the Open Mic Competition. Their triumph is a reflection of their inventive solutions, tenacity, and the promising future of their ventures.

We also want to express our appreciation to all the participants, attendees, and our co-host, Capital Circle Group. Your active participation and engagement were instrumental in making this event a success.

Stay connected with Club GLOBALS for more events that aim to cultivate a thriving community, bridging the gap between startups and investors. Here’s to more opportunities for connection, growth, and shared success stories in the future! 🚀🌐🎉

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