Mapping Entrepreneurship in Castilla y León: The CYL-HUB Project


A Fresh Look at Innovation and Growth

Introducing the CYL-HUB Project

The CYL-HUB project is making waves in Castilla y León. Led by Emilio Corchado, it’s a beacon for innovation. With over 1.3 million euros in funding from the Next Generation funds of the European Union, it’s a collaborative effort. Investors, corporations, public administrations, universities, science parks, startups, micro-enterprises, freelancers, local action groups, and media are all part of this initiative.

The Report: A Detailed Overview of the CYL-HUB Project

The project has just released a detailed report. It’s the first of its kind for Castilla y León. You can download it for free here. It covers everything from main agents to future trends. Nearly 60 representatives of the entrepreneurial ecosystem contributed to this report.

The report is comprehensive. It identifies key sectors and technologies. It also explores business challenges and support systems. Plus, it looks at job creation and entrepreneurial trends in the region. It details the main advantages and difficulties encountered by different business initiatives, including the aid they receive and the institutional programs available to them.

CYL-HUB is more than a report. It has hosted nine events across Valladolid, León, Palencia, Salamanca, Burgos, Segovia, Ávila, Zamora, and Soria. These events attracted over 1,500 attendees. They featured 470 speakers, 245 startups, and 160 investors and corporations.

Going Global

The project has a global reach. It participated in international fairs like the Web Summit in Lisbon and the DES international fair in Malaga. It also held the Startup OLÉ LATAM ROADSHOW in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

Upcoming: Startup OLÉ 2023

The report will be presented at Startup OLÉ 2023. The event runs from September 4th to 7th in Salamanca. It’s a significant milestone for entrepreneurship in Castilla y León. CYL-HUB will repeat its presence at the International Fair of Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation during this event.

The CYL-HUB project is a big step forward. It’s nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Castilla y León. The report offers valuable insights. It also sets the stage for future growth. Visit their website for more information. The future looks bright for innovation in the region, and the CYL-HUB project is at the forefront of this exciting movement.


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