Dear Berlin Expat & Global Mind community,

If you’ve been in Berlin for a while you probably know us – Mario and Anja, the InterNations ambassadors who tirelessly organise and host social networking events and answer your questions online. Mario started the community in Berlin, building it from a small get together of 20 or so people to a network of over 8000 members, with 200 people attending events regularly. Anja joined Mario two years ago and added events like at Alitania and ESMT to the list of memories.

During our time at InterNations so many people have come to us with questions about relocation: where to find English speaking local services, where to find good deals, what area of Berlin they should move to and so on. We love serving the international community, and so these questions have led us to establish – an idea we’ve been investing time and passion into for some months now.

GLOBALS supports expatriates by providing a trusted community marketplace. Unlike InterNations, which provides social connections and events, GLOBALS encompasses the logistical side of relocation. A business that meets certain requirements, such as having an English speaking contact person with a personalized social profile on the site, having documents available in English and offering international payment methods will be able to serve the international community through its listing on GLOBALS.

Members of the GLOBALS community will be able to access these services at online and offline events, both before and after they arrive in their new home. A trust rating system and the ability to see what services friends are using will allow members to feel comfortable in choosing services that are right for them.

You can meet us in a GLOBALS outfit already on the 30th of October at Sir Savigny Hotel.
More here

Because GLOBALS is in its infancy, it needs all of our attention and energy. Which is why we have decided to leave our roles as InterNations ambassadors as of the end of October. We will finish with a big farewell Halloween party at Adagio – invitations will be sent via InterNations and all info will be posted there.

We would like to say thank you to every one who has been a part of our community for the last few years. While it is time to move on, we hope to see you all soon at some of the upcoming GLOBALS events – as the community is about the people, not the website!

CU around 🙂

Mario & Anja

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