Behind the scenes: Introducing our Tech Expert Dirk Jacobs


Having grown up in a city that was locked away from the world behind walls, it’s so amazing to see how this place has turned into a place people from all over the world want to see and live in. And just like Berlin … there are now more and more places opening up and making it possible for people from different countries, with different languages and cultures to come together, work together, live together. Helping people, supporting them not only to move and live somewhere, but to get to a place with the right people and mindset to create and make their dreams come true is something that, in one way or another, I always did and tried to do and GLOBALS is like the place to make this happen for many many people.

Professional background:

The whole world is just a click away. That’s what it has somehow always been like for me. From being one of the first virtual workers for an American game company (long before anyone really ever knew what a virtual worker is), to spending years in a research institute together with students and researchers from all over the world, to working together with colleagues from all around the world at Oracle (a global software company) up to my recent one year training to become a coach where I spend a lot of time with other students, volunteers, clients and teachers from all over the world in virtual and real sessions: borders, distance, barriers may be obstacles, but they can always be overcome – with a mouse, with a phone, with music, with words, with technology, with a community of friends, with a smile.


I need more time to make more music with my band (the Perfect Present), to continue creating and recording audiobooks and doing some occasional voice-overs, to more regularly meet with some friends to play some board games and table-top roleplaying games, to listen to more music and audio dramas, watch more mystery tv-series, play more video games, have more time and fun biking, running and swimming. Alas ..


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