Berlin Welcome Day 2019 Summary

On September 7th 2019 we hosted our first Berlin Welcome Day. With the help of more than 80 partners and 65 speakers, 50 sessions, 30 Volunteers, we helped hundreds of people to settle and navigate Berlin.

It was very successful. More than 1000 registrations were made for the event.

Burkhard Volbracht.Head of Unit Talent Services of Berlin Partner GmbH

The Berlin brand attracts talent worldwide like a magnet. The Berlin Welcome Day helps to make this brand more visible and is at the same time a small thank-you to the Neuberliners*. This is how immigration can be successful.

Burkhard Volbracht. Head of Unit Talent Services of Berlin Partner GmbH

The whole day was filled with fun, exciting and interesting things to do. There were food stalls and workshops, and over 50 sessions divided over 5 different arenas:

  1. Business Arena
    (Innovation, Accelerators, Incubators, Legal, Financing, Networking)
  2. Relocation Arena  (Mobility, Accommodation, Bank, Insurance, Telco, Services)
  3. Talents Arena
    (Fair, International, Startups, Corporates, Job Agencies, Recruiters, Careers)
  4. Education Arena  (Kindergarten, Schools, Universities, Languages, Apps/Bots)
  5. Lifestyle Arena
    (Clubs, Associations, Networks, Events, Amusements, Sports)

Our mission: Berlin is an open city to the world, that embraces diversity. It’s a welcoming city that enables and smoothens the arrival as well as the integration for those who want to make Berlin their home. That’s why it is a platform to come together – new arrivers and locals.

At the end of the day, when the sessions were over, when it became dark outside, there was a big afterparty. Together with a great singer Keith Tynes DJ, and drinks.

Berlin Welcome Day 2019 Partner - Club GLOBALS
GRACIAS for making it possible!

Do not miss out and contact us to partner for the next event!

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