I’m Gilles, the new team Member at Club GLOBALS! Don’t be fooled by the name…I’m genuinely Italian. However, a great uncle of mine made a research on our genealogical tree and discovered that our family has Austrian origins…so..don’t get fooled (again) by citizenships and nationalities…There’s expat blood in every one of us.

I was born in Treviso, the unknown sister of the far more famous Venice, in the North-East of Italy. This is a very nice region in the “Bel Paese”: you can find the sea on one side and the Alps on the other, you can have fun in crazy locations or visit places that have made the history of the culture of the world….however, despite all this, I’ve travelled a lot in my life, I’ve seen many different countries and landscapes. The idea of meeting cultures different from mine, joining them for a while as an expat trying to understand them, has always enchanted me. This is the main reason for my life choices: I’ve studied foreign languages and cultures both at High School and at University. In 2012 I got my B.A. degree in Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, and 2014/2015 is supposed to be the last year of my M.A in Modern Languages for International Communication and Cooperation. Joining GLOBALS is for me a great opportunity to improve my skills through experience…..and…..that’s why I’m here and I’m happy to be here. What else..? Oh, I love rock music and the old Blues..poetry, football, and beer.

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