Hey, my name is Krisztina!

Just arrived in Berlin a few weeks ago, sailed in on a ferry from the neighboring Denmark. I am the new team member for Marketing and Community Development Manager at Club GLOBALS. And I am excited to take another journey going from an expat to a local Berliner!

I am originally from Hungary, the land of delicious Goulash and beautiful wine regions. Apart from the Eastern European gastronomy, I have also been obsessed with visual culture and movies. I studied film and cultural studies in Budapest. And after having the strangest hobby in the world, learning Danish, I moved to Copenhagen to continue with a Master’s degree. Spending five years there first as an international student and later as an employee led me through different stages. To be a foreigner in not only a different country but in a completely different culture opened my mind. For a little while now, I have been burning to take all the experience I gained some place else. I chose Berlin for its cultural diversity and creative professional scene.

Since I have a global spirit, it gives me immense freedom in many aspects. While you also have to put up with some difficulties of the expat life. It feels like as if you were on a constant holiday where you get to know so many new people and never know who’s next to leave. This time it was myself.

I could not imagine a better way for my integration than working with Club GLOBALS. Landing in the middle of an incredible international community and getting introduced to the core of the Berlin creative scene. I am excited to build new connections and share the GLOBALS spirit!

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