Behind the scenes: Introducing Globals Minister of Citizenship Maike Pulver



Over the years I traveled a lot and lived in different countries to absorb all kinds of people, cultures, and habits, seeing the diversity of places and behavior. In 2010 I started my studies (Business Management) in Berlin. Inspired by different people, interesting idea, and projects I was soon looking for more… A new project for a longer period of time. One day I came across GLOBALS, the two founders and the greater and driving idea of one nation and I wanted to be part of the team! That’s the whole story and I’m still here.

Professional background:

I’ll be finishing my studies in 2013. Over the years I have done various smaller jobs for short time periods here and there. And I hope there are many interesting and challenging projects waiting in the future.


Traveling is my passion, as well as being outside and meeting people to chat, learn and laugh with. I enjoy the international flair in Berlin and I enjoy summer the most.

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