Introducing: Claire Adamson our newest member


Hi, I’m Claire and five months ago I washed up on the shores of the Spree with a suitcase, hardly any German and the desire to acquaint myself as well as possible with Berlin. I am a little bit addicted to cities – the ins and outs of getting used to living in a new place. I am originally from Auckland, New Zealand and lived for two years in London before finding my way to Berlin.

Professional background:

I began as a copywriter in a traditional advertising agency before getting into marketing and eventually the wine industry for many years. When I moved to Berlin I ended up with a journalist role at Silicon Allee which opened my eyes to a new world of startups and technology and eventually led me to meet Mario and Anja and get involved with GLOBALS.


I like talking about wine to the point where people’s eyes begin to glaze over. I am an imaginative cook, I read a lot, I enjoy exploring Berlin on my bicycle and I am an amateur photographer. My favorite place in Berlin is Tempelhofer Park in the late afternoon.

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