Introducing: Clara Nitsch, intern

Hi! I am Clara, originally from the beautiful Lake of Constance that joins Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. While very picturesque, this area is also (not completely undeservingly) known for its provinciality, which is why I escaped to Berlin for my studies.

I have always loved to travel and get to know other cultures. I started with my parents and me moving to New Zealand shortly after I was born and staying there for three years. It saddens me to report that I have next to no memory of that time, but the seed had been planted in my subconscious and I have always considered myself a woman of the world, and recent years have given me plenty of opportunities to extensively pursue my wanderlust.

Being able to meet people from many countries and working together with them, e.g. for school projects or part-time jobs, has taught me much about intercultural communication and has made me want to contribute to cultural exchange and co-operation.

After having spent the last year in Korea on exchange, I am now back in Berlin to finish my studies but also to intern for a company that helps expats in finding solutions for their many concerns and I am looking forward to serving Berlin’s international community!

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