Hello, my name is Julie Scremin, newcomer in Berlin on my way back from England! I have always been animated by the desire of experiencing new places. In this spirit, I decided to move to Germany and join Club GLOBALS as a Social Media and Community Manager.

To give you an idea, I am the one behind the screen that interacts with the expat community on the different social networks, plans the online communication as well as measures and analyses its effectiveness. And I have to say that I am quite happy with the results as in one month I have already grown our Twitter followers base from 300 to 2100!

So currently, if you are an expat in Berlin, feel free to ask me any kind of questions through our different social networks page. I will provide you with relevant answers, expat tips as well as invite you to our monthly events where you could meet other expats . If you are an expat in any other place, do not worry, Club GLOBALS is coming soon!

As a French expat, I found Club GLOBALS’ mission to connect expats in Berlin quite appealing for me. Thus, I decided to join the company voluntarily, on an unpaid base, as I know the experience will pay out in the long run. I have already obtained many

international connections and I am discovering from one day to the other the startup world with its diversity of tasks and willingness to conquer the world!

By the way, did you know that our team is composed of 6 different nationalities? The possibility to work in such environment was definitely a decisive criterion to be part of the team. I am convinced that developing deeper my intercultural communication skills will enhance my career mobility.

Besides that, I am currently living in a German host family in order to immerse myself even deeper in the culture. I am passionate about music, I have played saxophone for more than 10 years as well as drums. Additionally I am really interested in real estate where I gained lots of experience. I am currently doing a double degree in Business Administration with a particular focus on social networks and e-commerce.

I am looking forward to interact with all of you on our company social networks pages! Don’t hesitate to Like, Follow, Pinand share!

Julie Scremin

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