I’m the new intern at Club GLOBALS this summer! Born and raised in a beautiful, conservative and multi-cultural city called Guiyang in China, I was named Xiaolin. Xiao [潇]means deep and clear water, and lin [璘]stands for “jade sparkles”—both are related to the important elements in Chinese culture. After being raised in a traditional Chinese family, I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for college two years ago.

Unlike my other colleagues, I have only moved once, but that experience taught me a life lesson of dealing with major cultural shock. There is always a spectrum of feelings that change greatly, varying from feeling surprised, to feeling confused, and even feeling rejected like a bad organ transplantation. Despite these feelings, you eventually will feel a sense of belonging. My job is to simplify the entire process by providing exactly what you need as an expat.

I am a huge A cappella enthusiast, enjoying occasional opera and symphony concerts. My dream is to sing in a first class professional choir and give concerts all around the world, like the famous King’s Singers (love them!). Generally, I just want to travel and document my 20’s with my camera.

Thank you! 谢谢!Vielen Dank!감사합니다!どうもありがとうございました!

大家嚎! ! !

我是Club GLOBALS的新成员(刘)潇璘!我来自中国南方的少数民族聚集城市贵阳,从小培养无论在任何新城市能迅速适应的技能。大学留学美帝,在匹兹堡市,一个冬天美丽冻人的城市读书。由于离开熟悉的城市去到一个陌生的地方,尤其是在一个非母语国家而产生的强烈的不适应,我也曾经历过,所以非常理解搬迁对人所造成的心理上的改变。


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