Introducing the President of GLOBALS Mario Paladini



“I want to see a global president by 2020”

My life has been committed to the transformative power existing at the intersection of business, technology, and humanity.

Everything I do, I believe in challenging the status quo.

I deeply believe in the power of:

  • thinking differently – to emphasize similarity, over differences
  • giving equal importance to human connectedness and digital connectivity
  • an open heart and mind
  • dignifying each individual’s profession with the opportunity to serve society


The way we challenge the status quo is by supporting you with the tools needed to successfully build your home and create your life in any corner of our world. This is also why supporting the Global social entrepreneur community in developing countries with knowledge, experiences, and resources is so important to incorporate in this new venture.


Having achieved considerable success in the fields of business development, social media and information technology, my scope at first may seem deeply diversified but upon closer revision, you will see they all have something in common – people. I connect the world of business and the world of technology through people.

My service, from my days at the university today, has been to bring the opportunity to build meaningful relationships. I believe equally in the connectivity of the digital age and to the building of human connectedness in the lives of the web 3.0 community.

Despite my diverse language skills – I speak English, think German and feel Spanish – and having studied, worked, lived and founded a global venture in several countries around the world, I attribute my ability to connect with people more in the power and warmth of a smile. So, you will always find me smiling! 8)

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