Behind the scenes: Introducing GLOBALS Minister for Resources Alexander Jerzembek


In my life, I moved three times from city to city, so I became an open-minded guy to new people, environments, and locations. And it’s always about meeting the right people to make the time worth living and I’m glad that I always found such people and can call them now my friends.

Professional background:

After finishing my compulsory military service in 2011 at the German armed forces I started to study business administration at the University of Münster.


My life is kind of separated. Half a year I’m living in Münster where my university is located – a typical university town. The other half of the year I’m living here in Berlin, the big metropolis. I like to switch between these cities, it’s always fun to experience the life and people in both. In my leisure time, I like to meet friends, do a variety of sports and visit new countries.

by Maike Pulver

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