(2) Accurate fixes in Germany -Welcome to the German accuracy

When I arrived in Germany I came with pocket money only since it was a crisis scenario in Argentina and they closed all banks (Corralito). Therefore I needed to job e.g. as salsa teacher or in a home depot store.

In Praktiker, I occasionally had to fix things or refill shelves. One day my boss ordered to help me in building a wooden box. He prepared the sides for the box properly, took measurements very accurately and guaranteed that the right angles and all corners fit properly together. I watched and supported building the box, wondering what we may use it for.

Once we finished we went into a corner that was drapped nicely and promoted special products in sale. It was when I realized that the box was built in order to lift some products up that were actually covered by a huge sheet. I was quite irritated and wondered why so much time and effort has been spent for a solution that Argentinians would have solved by putting a beer case or anything similiar underneath the sheet.

I guess this is German accuracy. While we Argentinians fix things in short time and with great inspiration, Germans like to do it properly but probably find a solution that lasts longer. This was a somewhat funny start into the German culture. I think if applied and smartly mixed in Argentinian-German encounters, it could be of great value for both cultures to learn from eachother.

Mario Paladini

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