Relocation recommendations for expats and travelers

  • Prepare a small timeline and add tasks, visualized by time and supportive resources for the preparation process of your relocation.
  • Before leaving, take notes of things you have to lend to friends, passwords of local access utilities, add tags if you plan to borrow or store things with friends.
  • Reach out to people in your network who have been in touch with the host city already. Talk to them and get to know a few stories that help you understand the new culture.
  • Consider an intercultural preparation training that provides visibility on similarities and potential differences between you and local people.
  • Look in the new city who helps you collect all the products, services and administrative work that need to be done at or before arrival.
  • Remember that your cultural background is a treasure and can widen the perspective of the new cultures as well. Do the effort to understand and integrate the new way, but don’t lose your own identity.
  • Give yourself time to adjust to the new culture. Observe – Contribute – Participate!
  • Make sure you stay in touch with friends, colleagues, and people at home. Show an interest in developments in their life and also share your experience.
  • Keep an open mind! Knowing different perspectives is a strength. Expect to go through a process of positive personal development and that your picture of the world will change. You will learn to apply different cultural strengths in international projects.

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