Continuing the series of posts on what to do in Berlin for newbies, we have to tell you about the nightlife of Berlin. Berlin is the hippest city in the world when it comes to nightlife, perhaps the most in Europe after Amsterdam. This means you can find a variety of underground, avant-garde, progressive, alternative and techno places here. You can enjoy anything from Electro and Pop to Indie, Rock, alternative or contemporary live music man of them in less ordinary locations.

Preparing to go out

But before you set off to explore Berlin’s nightlife scene, we will give you some tips on where & when to go out. First, you should know that best pubs, bars, and clubs don’t always advertise themselves.

Second, if you can go out to a bar anytime in the evening and enjoy some drinks, clubs in Berlin don’t open their doors before 11 am but they come to life only after 2 am. The usual go out- night starts with the pre-drinks in the bar or pub. Berlin has no closing hours by law.

Third, note that Berlin is not a posh city. Even though there are some very elegant and stylish locations you can opt to attend and which might require you to bring to light your expensive suit and tie or your little black dress, most of the best places here are rather relaxed in this department. So, our recommendation is to worry less about dressing up and just enjoy the experience.

Again, unlike other big cities in Europe, most of the places to go out are non-members clubs, meaning that you should not worry about the guest list, and if you by any chance are asked about that it just means the bouncer does not like you.

Last, be aware that in most of the cool and interesting clubs you cannot actually reserve a table. Once you are fix und fertig to leave the house, the only matter is where to go exactly.

Nightlife districts

Almost all the districts of Berlin provide good options to go out. However, if you want to get the taste of what all the exciting about nightlife stories in Berlin are about? Then head directly to Kreuzberg – the most international area all packed with clubs and bars – and check any of the places on Bergmannstrasse and Mehringdamm, Gneisenaustrasse and Oranienstrasse.

Once referred to as the happening place in Berlin, Mitte is another district where numerous crowds head after sunset. Here you can find one of the most famous clubs around Berghain. Created in the remains of an abandoned power station and describe as dangerously hip! It is a place where celebrities have been spotted (for example Lady Gaga is known to have visited the club). Apart from it, there are plenty of bars and clubs around Hackescher Markt

Like, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain districts provide some of the hippest and interesting spots like Club Maria or Spindler & Klatt for two completely different venues. If you decide to go out in Prenzlauer Berg, a good starting point for a night out in Berlin is the Kastanienallee, where you can explore numerous bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Alternatively, you can check Kollwitzplatz. Whichever you choose, you can be assured you will experience an unforgettable night.

In Friedrichshain we recommend you to investigate Simon Dach Strasse, but generally (and also applicable to the other districts) best places are sometimes hidden away, meaning that you either have to check the address first or just pay attention while wondering the streets looking for a nice place to spend the night.

Other famous clubs you might want to check out are Watergate, Tresor and Panorama Bar.

Parties never stop in Berlin, during summer the entire city vibrates at night! Although there are numerous interesting clubs and pubs open all year round, there are clubs that are just charming in the summer. Once the first rays of spring hit Berlin, about 12 beach bars open their “doors”. Palm trees, swimming pools, comfy beach chairs and warm sand to burn your feet in. By the Spree make them the idyllic oasis in the center of the city. However, at night they become great
partying spots that you should definitely check out!

There is absolutely something for everyone in Berlin. From classy hotel bars to scene pubs, or clubs in former factory buildings, its nightlife really does spoil any taste, especially in the techno department.

This being said, we wish you happy clubbing! – and feel free to share your experiences and tips in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Dallas Event Photography / Flickr

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