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Rental, every company knows it. You’re going to start a business and need a business place. But where? A big city is always a good idea to start a company. Big cities offer more than a village. More chances to connect to other companies and everything is near. Otherwise, cities are expensive to rent an office. You can rent a little office and you will pay a lot for it. Every city has their own price pro square meter. But when you compare different cities, then you will see that it’s a whole difference where you going to rent a place. Below you see a graph of the workspace you get for $1500 in which city. So you see when you rent something in Manhattan or London that you will have a very small area. When you see on the left, you will see that Berlin, Istanbul, and Shanghai offers a lot of space for that money.

Which cities have the most expensive rents

You shall think, that kind of difference between the squares of meters is a lot. Are the cities who are more expensive that much popular? Is it better to rent an office there? No it isn’t! And I will tell you why.


If you see the Global Power City Index of 2017, you’ll see that every city has their own charm. London is number 1 of the world. If you move to London with your company you will have a really good economy, cultural interaction, R&D, and accessibility. In London is that the most developed. But the other side, they have a low livability. So when you move to London, you will have access to a great business network. But it is very expensive and livability is not their strongest point.

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Runner-up is New York. New York has the best economy and R&D even better than London. But the livability and environment are very low. At that point, they are the 30th of the world. You can do really good business in New York, but if it’s nice to live? Probably not, and still you’re paying a lot for an office there. It can be very attractive to start your company there, but it is an expensive city. Most of it in Manhattan, you’ll get 26 square pro meter for $1500 and for example in Istanbul you’ll get 176, that is like six times more.

Club GLOBALS Manhattan image


You already read it, but Istanbul is one of the cheapest city where you can rent an office. You can rent like 176 square pro meter for $1500. But then you shall think, offers the city enough for a company that only cheap rent? I can say you so, Istanbul is offering a lot! It is a cheap city, but full of investors. The motto of Istanbul; ‘ No matter where you are, good ideas will always get capital’. So it is very interesting for startups to go to Istanbul. Also, the population is very young in Istanbul. The half of the population is beneath 30. The city is also made for young people. And because there are a lot of young people, there also a lot of universities. Everybody has the chance to develop their selves. And you can say that they do that because there are many engineers in Istanbul. It isn’t the best city if you see the Global Power City Index, but it is an upcoming city.

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Then Shanghai, it’s a great city in China, who’s popular of the business. The Asian market is very big and Shanghai is the perfect location to enter the market. The city is very safe and the people are very kind to each other. Also a big advantage, Shanghai is also a very cheap city. For $1500 you get an office of 158 squares pro meter. When you start your business in Shanghai you will see that everything is about relationships. China, also Shanghai has his own culture. People are discrete and respect is the most important thing. It’s the perfect city to start your company

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And then, the last city who is cheap, perfect to live and to do business is our own Berlin. Berlin is the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world. There are many startups and connecting is the keyword in the city. It’s really cheap to rent places, 139 square pro meter for $1500. The city has many co-working spaces, meetups and business events. Almost everything in the city is based on the startups. And those startups are owned by many different people. Berlin is like the most tolerant city. Many different types of people, many cultures, all in one city. All cultures have an influence to each other. So it isn’t strange that Berlin is number 1 in livability at the Global Power City Index. Because there are many startups there also developed a lot of apps for making life easier in Berlin. You have like AiRelo. It is an easy bot who can help you with your registration. They fill in the form for you and you receive it in your mailbox. There are many things in Berlin that make life easy. Berlin has also a very stable economy. It doesn’t matter what happens with the government, there will always be stability in the business case.

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