In Berlin, at the end of summer time, activities idea strat to run out… These days, the weather is still nice but not warm enough that simply lying at one of the lakes is a safe choice for the weekends, it’s a good time to discover some other aspects of Berlin. Whether you’re new here, you’re feeling a little out of touch with your city of choice or you simply want to know what else is there, here are 7 sightseeing suggestions for late summer.

  1. toposonie :: spree is a sound-walk that you can take with the help of a free smartphone app, whenever you want and at your own speed. The English version will be available from August
    23rd onwards.
  2. Wall on Wall is a photo exhibition on the Berlin Wall (the backside of the East-Side-Gallery) about walls around the world that separate people. It runs until Sept 13th around the clock, admission is free.
  3. If you want to visit the grave of Marlene Dietrich or other deceased celebrities, you can check which cemetery to go to here.
  4. Alternative Berlin Tours offers two daily tip-based tours with insights into street art and subcultures.
  5. Berlin has tons of museums, including a lot of smaller ones that cater to special interests. You can find an almost exhaustive list (including info on which museums offer free entrance or are open on Mondays) here.
  6. Galleries are also on every corner, Berlin Art Grid lets you filter them by area and genre. A good point to start is the area around Hauptbahnhof, e.g. Heidestraße and WiE Kulturbehind the Hamburger Bahnhof.
  7. Finally, while summer still sort of hangs around, go to an open air movie screening. Freiluftkino Kreuzberg shows movies in their original language (often with German subtitles). And my movie recommendation for the moment is “Searching for Sugarman”, best to be watched without any prior research (just trust me on this one).

If you have any suggestions of your own, we are happy to hear them!

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