Germany is a large country in Europe and has a lot of different cultures. The big multi-culture cities or the small villages, they all have a different culture. But some facts, are about all the Germans the same. Those typical characteristics what you always will see wherever you be in Germany. It doesn’t matter if you are in the northern city Berlin or in the southern city Munich. We describe all those typical facts that you definitely need to know when you visit the country.

Proud, structure and organization.

Germans are very proud of their country and lives. They appreciate every little thing in life and fight for the things that they think are important. Germans are also very punctual and that you can see in all the bureaucracy. They have systems who are perfect for keeping data and working effectively. But also a lot of rules in traffic, garbage and daily life. There is even a different department of government ‘ Ordnungsamt’.  The punctuality you can also see in the behavior and public traffic. If you have an appointment with someone it is very rude to come too late. Germans will always apologize if they are late. And in public traffic, it is even an expectation that they are on time. It makes the life of the German people more efficient.

Die Bundesliga

Die Bundesliga, because Germans love soccer! Germany is famous about die Bundesliga and there are a lot of clubs who are well-known over all the world! Because it is al famous around the world, plays a lot of international soccer players in Germany. But not only the international stars, but also the national soccer players are very talented. Germany won four times the world cup! But how is it even not possible?! With 26.000 clubs and 178.000 teams. And those clubs have almost all special fan clubs!

Germans are direct but also keep their distantly.

Being directly is something typical about the German culture. General but also in the business world. If you go to countries in Asia they wouldn’t be that direct, but in German is it normal. They are straight at their point and other cultures can think that they mean it rude. But Germans are very goal-oriented, so is it important to keep it clear. Yes is yes and no is no. In other countries like the US, you see also that small talk is an important thing, but also in Germany is that not really relevant. Germans are direct but also keep their distance. They wouldn’t threat you the first time informal, but more formally. They keep distance and don’t make a friend very quickly, but when you have a friendship with a German, it is very valuable.

Bier und Bratwurst!

Germany is famous for his many different beers and of course the bratwurst.

The variation of the bratwurst is the currywurst, also very popular. In big cities, you see a lot of people selling sausages at the street, in fast food corners or in restaurants. Germans are real meat lovers and the ‘wurst’  especially. They also have so many variants of sausages, at least already 15 different variants which are popular! But what is the best to drink at a delicious sausage? Of course, a half liter of beer! Because Germans love beer and drink it a lot. It is normal if you order a ‘small’ beer that you get a beer of 0,4 cl, in different countries, it is most of the time 0,25 cl. And it is totally normal to walk everywhere in the street with those large beers and no one will say anything of it. But how could it be different, with 1.300 breweries and 5.000 different brands! Then you need to try every different type of beer!

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